CNN debunks Bill Burton’s ad smear: Steelworker’s wife still had a job and insurance when he lost his job

Turns out that even though Joe Soptic lost his job in 2001 and lost his insurance, his wife still had her job AND had her insurance. She left her job almost 2 years later due to an injury and that’s when she lost her insurance. Funny, Soptic didn’t mention that in Bill Burton’s attack ad:

Kudos to CNN for debunking this smear attack.

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70 thoughts on “CNN debunks Bill Burton’s ad smear: Steelworker’s wife still had a job and insurance when he lost his job

  1. Barry and both his slimey enablers in the WH and MSM will pull out all stops to garner his reelection. In the event reliable polling shows Barry going down in flames righ before Nov; it would come as no surprise he’ll declare Martial Law. Anything is possible with this disgusting fraud.

  2. Get the facts out about how the Obama campaign and its sycophants (the mainstream media) are inveterate liars. Use this as EXHIBIT #43,261. Then, move on. Stay focused on what matters in this campaign: overspending, over taxation, over reaching the constitution. Please don’t let them distract you. The Obama campaign will continue to manufacture controversy over anything that doesn’t matter.

    1. Barry Obama and Bill Burton certainly approved of this slimey campaign ad. They’re high-fivin each at this very moment regardless that they’ve been exposed as frauds.

  3. I wonder how long it will take Brian Ross et al to retract their obviously unresearched BS.

    Guess we’ll never know.

  4. Civility, transparency, hope….
    All these nice buzzwords and this is what we get from our President’s campaign
    Sad & disgusting too. Too much thuggery. Too much Chicago tactics.

    Romney has so far been accused of felony, tax non-payment and murder.
    We must kick get these low life’s out. They are trying to pull our nation down into
    the mud with them.

    1. Sounds like she was must have been sick for some time before seeking help. It doesn’t say which type of cancer she died from.

      Believe me…………..they ALL suck!

  5. Looks like the “truth” is that she died without insurance. Not that hard to figure out. We can squabble about whose insurance it was she lost last if that is where you want to go with this. Enjoy.

    1. No, that’s where YOU want to go with this. The truth is, she died without insurance because she opted not to buy a COBRA policy for herself and family, which by law must be offered to her, pre-existing conditions included.

      I know people who lost their jobs and scraped together everything they had (and gave up things to do it) to continue their insurance on COBRA. Choices, choices. She made hers.

      Her husband sounds like an able-bodied man who could’ve worked at UPS, Whole Foods, Home Depot, Lowes, ShopRite, or the hundreds of other large companies who pay benefits. I know people in the same situation who have taken jobs stocking shelves or as cashiers just for the health insurance benefits. Choices, choices. He made his.

      And she may have died without insurance, but she did not die without healthcare.

  6. Sadly, Soptic has become one of the “useful idiots” we hear about.

    His tragedy is used to promote a agenda.

  7. They wanted you to believe Mitt punched Joe in the face, then walked into his wife’s hospital bed and yanked the plug out. Then laughed as he lit a cigar with $100 bills. So evil.

    Hilarious that CNN totally destroyed this ad. Can’t wait to hear Jay Carney (small hands, smells like cabbage) defend that ad. They really are grabbing at straws it seems.

  8. Keep digging at the truth of Obama’s ads. Guaranteed they’re almost all going to be complete lies. Gotta give it to CNN for not burying their heads in the sand on this. I’ve been pretty impressed with how they aren’t bending over backwards like NBC, MSNBC, CBS and others are doing to smear Romney and totally kiss Obama’s rear…plus ignoring stories that hurt Obama (which is the same as lying).

    Keep it up Obama, a lot of libs watch CNN and you aren’t going to get away with your BS unless you convince them that CNN, along with Fox, aren’t legitimate news channels.

    1. I don’t think they were counting on CNN to actually do a much fairer job than they have in the past. All they were expecting to do was tell voters to stay away from Fox and they’d have it in the clear. Their voters would never know they were lying. Didn’t work. I give CNN a lot of credit for this.

  9. Soptic is an activist. He appears frequently on Democracy Now, a far left tv program. I believe they are on the radio as well.

  10. I guess using this logic, anyone who ever let someone go for any reason from work, is then responsible if that person does not get healthcare from new job. And in turn is then responsible for that persons sicknesses in the future.
    This campaign is obviously out of ideas and throwing things against the wall (with no consequence)until something sticks.

  11. Great material for a new Romney ad, don’t you think? I love that it came from CNN, so they can’t blame Fox for biased reporting.

  12. Guess their tanking ratings were a swift kick in the butts to the execs who were worried about their bonuses this year. I haven’t watched anything remotely associated with ABC, CBS, NBC, especially their cable affiliates for a few years.

    Makes me wonder if “We the People” might just have more power than Media Matters!

    Thanks for bringing that to us Scoop, otherwise, I wouldn’t have seen it.

  13. It doesn’t matter, if they throw enough dirt, even if it is debunked, it will get repeated and repeated as if true, and the candidate (target) is tainted. Even when people know the truth, they just get so darn tired of all the negativity, even though they know it isn’t true, they are just so tired of hearing it, and defending it, and explaining it, that they begin to turn against the candidate (target) anyway. It is called “Palinization”. Good luck with that Mitt.

    1. I don’t know Kimberly. I think Newt Gingrich changed that when he spoke frankly in the debates about Alinsky (who I personally was totally unaware of prior to the primaries), Alinsky’s despicable tactics which the left uses, and the media being in the tank for the libs. None of that was ever spoken about so frankly before, nor was the media ever challenged so blatantly, but he had the guts to reveal it, and now everyday citizens are more aware than ever. We’re on to them. I don’t think the Palinization of our candidates is going to work anymore. We’re fighting back this time.

  14. When Mitt Romney and Bain closed the plant, I lost my health care

    No you didn’t, though you may have lost your health insurance.

    …and my family lost their health care.

    (Oops. Not really)

    I took her up to the Jackson county hospital and admitted her […] that’s when they found the cancer.

    Sounds like health care to me.

    1. You were listening to Rush today weren’t you 😉 kidding. But yeah, that’s the truth. Lost their insurance, not care… too bad under dear leader they’ll have insurance, but not care.

  15. The MOST amazing thing about this article ISN’T that Obama approved a smear ad that was pure lies, but that CNN bothered to check- and having checked and discovered the truth, >reported on it<!!! They aren't covering for hi any more! There is HOPE for journalism in this country!

  16. So did the super pac splice the full interview that he had? It appeared heavily abridged of a long story he was sharing.

    Can’t really believe CNN was vindicating Romney like that. Wolf must have been choking behind the scenes.

  17. The closer we get to the election, the intensity of the hateful lies and deceptions are going to intensify to levels never before seen. They have to deceive the American people because their record on the economy is totally incompetent and cannot be defended to rational people. Wthout the corrupt propaganda machine of the mainstream media, this wouldn’t be close. Evil on this magnitude has never had the power to negatively effect the lives of millions of Americans in order to transform our way of life in a way that is totally against our wills. Vote for the future of our country.

  18. I feel bad for him losing his wife, but mittens had nothing to do with it. If this man is angry and bitter at mittens, he’s directing it in the wrong way, and if he had any kind of decency, he would speak out and tell the truth. I can’t feel much pity for someone who, though hurt, would repay a perceived evil for evil- and that’s what he’s doing by letting them USE him for this campaign ad.

  19. Time for Romney explain to those that support libtards about capital gains. Romney “I paid a 15% tax rate because I already paid taxes on the money I reinvested into the economy. So I paid my income taxes AND then I had to pay capital gains taxes for money I reinvested.”

  20. Let me be clear. Brianna is a fox which can only mean two things. 1 she is a closet conservative and 2 she will eventually be on Fox. They probably didn’t go back to Blitzed till after a break cause the camera crew was trying pick up his jaw.

  21. Shocking to hear a little truth from that corner. I suspect the talking heads are hearing dire warnings about the ratings … They don’t want to be part of Zero’s grand recovery.

  22. Well Dewhurst ran a similar ad against Cruz and it backfired so I imagine this will also create more outrage against Obama than against Romney.

  23. Romney is out of Bain effectively in 1999, the steel plant closes in 2001, the wife loses her job and insurance in 2003, and finally she dies, of stage 4 cancer, in 2006. Wow, sure looks obvious that Romney killed her (/sarc).

    What’s next? Romney cuts homosexual’s hair in High School. The kid grows up, gets a job, has health insurance, and finds out, at the age of 50 that he’s losing his hair to male-pattern baldness, claims Romneycare of Massechutes won’t cover treatments, blames Romney for starting it all, demands full discloser of Romney’s taxes. Story at eleven on MSNBC.

    This must have been hard for Blitzer to swallow. I would have liked to hear his final word on the segment. Absolutely no way to spin this like he usually does. I care little for the fast-sinking CNN, but I have to give them kudos for this particular segment. We’ll see where it goes from here. Will it become news or, as usual, will the general public ever hear about the followup.

  24. CNN debunked it? The Communist News Network? Wow! Maybe they think telling the truth will improve ratings.

  25. And Obama creates fodder for ANOTHER commercial.

    It opens up with the accusation against WILLARD, including the fraudulent, ‘tearful’ testimony. Then, cut to Wolf Blitzer of leftist CNN and the debunking of this stupid story.

    Cut to Obama signing the stimulus, pissing away over a trillion dollars.

    Cut to a listings of businesses that have declared bankruptcy, gone out of business, or have left the country.

    Cut to long lines of people outside the unemployment offices that not only don’t have jobs, but have lost their benefits because of their job loss.

    Cut to the real unemployment statistic of 22.5%:

    Cut to the prediction of the number of businesses that will drop employee coverage, thanks to Obamacare.

    Cut to net job loss:

    Cut to the national forclosure rates:,000-completed-foreclosures-nationally-in-march.aspx

    Then cut to Holder and several Justice Department cronies.

    Cut to gun shops and people walking out with massive purchases.

    Cut to an endless list of names of dead Mexicans, killed in gun violence, and to Terry and Zapata, murdered, likewise.

    Cut to the Fast and Furious hearings, and Holder’s refusal to even offer serious condolences to the families, and Obama ignoring the whole thing, so he can go golfing, and take his family to Martha’s Vineyard to drink alcohol and guzzle buttered lobster.

    Now, cut to WILLARD sitting behind his cluttered looking desk, looking busy. He looks up at the camera, solemnly, and says:

    “Who’s the one that’s really out of touch, doesn’t understand, and downright doesn’t seem to care?


    1. Even though I despise WILLARD, I find it difficult to find anything that comes out of Obama’s camp as being anything other than phony.

  26. I am shocked I tell ya, shocked….CNN finally decided to dig for the “story behind the story” and found a tad of a lie….Who would have thunk! When is the Obama team going to learn that this is not McCain they are running against….Romney has a army to battle these Chicago thugs…with each add Obama tries to slide through, they get knocked back on their arse! Take that Burton!

  27. Wow… CNN acting like a serious news site with honest, free-thinking journalists? Huh?

    I hate to get all giddy here… but if CNN – who is one of Obama’s chief jock-sniffers – starts to report something truthfully that hurts their Dear Ruler, then maybe they are trying to clean up their act a little so when he falls, they’ll still have a day job.

    LOL! I’m just kidding. They probably thought Bill Burton was a conservative.

    1. CNN is trying to shore up their dismal ratings, is all. MSNBC (Obama all the time Network) is still 100% in the tank for Barry.

    1. I don’t give CNN much credit for a random act of honesty. I believe this report was driven by their sinking ratings and realizing that they were no longer peddling news but acting more like the Obama 2012 re-election committee… and the CNN ratings are tanking since their viewers were changing the channel.

      Seeing Obama as not likely to win in November, their self preservation dictated that they did not want to be unemployed and are now willing to sip the bitter medicine of the truth. They also did not want to have Romney saying about them what Obama had said about FOX.

      No kudos to CNN, just a smack to their head with the 2×4 of reality.

      1. I am more cynical, I think they just wanted to repeat the charges in the add, knowing that even if they say it isn’t true, when piled on top of all the other untrue charges, it just leaves and “ickiness” factor behind that turns voters off. So called “debunking” the claims is just an excuse to repeat them.

      2. I was astonished watching Joe Scarborough and Mika Brezinski practically vomiting all over themselves in regards to that slimey campaign ad.

  28. How LOW can these Dems GO? They are a bottomless pit of lies…and have NO shame. Same lie as Obama’s mother dying because she had no insurance. Utter boldfaced lies!!

  29. Along with not being a truthful ad, the voice of Joe Soptic in the ad seems to be that of a much younger man. The entire ad reeks of deceit and half-truths for which the obama campaign is known for.

    1. And what was Joe doing for 5 years while his wife was supporting them? If that arrangement was a joint decision, then it was THEIR decision – wasn’t it?

      1. Five years on the unemployment line in a 4.5-5% economy…sounds like Joe wasn’t looking forward to working another day in his life or picked up video game console and couldn’t put it down.

        I don’t know for sure(yes I do actually) the narrative as usual is busted.

  30. Scoop, Mark Levin is on fire about this. It WILL get the coverage it deserves. And P.S., I love hearing Mark call you by name. Just makes me smile. You’ve come a long way, friend.

      1. Yes, because the Dems started 2 un-budgeted wars, destroyed the budget surplus, and lied to Congress and the UN about Iraq having WMD’s, right? Oh, wait, no that was the Republicans who did that… but that’s OK. Republicans cans still Democrats evil because they pretend to be “Christian”. Let me tell ya, both parties are evil, but this business of the Republicans thinking they are so holier than thou makes me sick.

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