CNN: Trump is a hypocrite for not going to church yesterday…

CNN has deemed Trump a hypocrite for playing golf instead of going to church yesterday, considering the warning he gave governors about reopening churches:

Here’s the transcript from Newsbusters:

ALISYN CAMEROTA: Joining us now is CNN senior political analyst John Avlon. John, great to see you. There are a few interesting things about the president choosing to play golf yesterday. And one is, that over the past week, he’s been very interested in churches. He’s been very interested in churches reopening. He’s encouraged them to do so, even against the advice of medical experts. But then, yesterday, he didn’t go to church. He played golf. So, how do we process that?

JOHN AVLON: Well, it’s just more of the do as I say, not as I do presidency. But I think it shows how he uses — he’s willing to use religion as a political weapon, but not walk the walk. And I think that’s because And that’s because he’s never particularly been a person of faith, even though he’s very popular among evangelicals.

Leave it to CNN for the dumbest analysis. They don’t even consider the fact that he’s the president of the United States and the leader of the free world during a pandemic, and that him going to church is NOT like everyone else going to church. No, they just accuse him of being a hypocrite, using religion as a political weapon and not being a person of faith.

I’m quite sure, however, that despite his charge for governors to reopen churches, that his staff and Secret Service won’t allow him to step foot in a church or any other gathering during the pandemic. CNN is garbage news.

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