CNN uses 9/11 anniversary to explain how “Right-Wing” terrorism is BIGGER THREAT than Islamic terrorism

CNN continues to embarrass itself. Today CNN’s John Avalon used the anniversary of 9/11 to highlight how “right-wingers” are worse than Islamic terrorists:

It’s one thing to discuss on any given day the emerging threat from White Supremacists and how we must take that seriously, despite what Tucker Carlson might say. It’s another to highlight it as the worst threat America faces on the anniversary of 9/11. It’s insulting and it’s not true.

Notice what Avalon does here. He quotes from New America, which states that right-wing terrorists have killed more people than Islamic terrorists since 9/11. Which means this statistic doesn’t include 9/11, because if it did there would be no comparison.

But let’s take his stat and look it. According to New America:

When a white supremacist gunman killed more than 20 people at an El Paso, Texas, Walmart on Saturday, he claimed a dubious honor for his cause: Right-wing terrorism is once again responsible for more deaths on U.S. soil (107) than jihadi terrorism (104) since 9/11, according to data collected by New America.

There’s a difference of THREE people killed, which earns the so-called “right-wing” terrorists the gold prize of being America’s “deadliest terrorists”. But again when you add it to the deaths on 9/11, in which nearly 3,000 people were murdered, there’s just no comparison.

Why is there this insistence by the liberal media, on the anniversary of 9/11, to FORGET what happened 18 years ago? Why are they intentionally leaving it out of their statistics? Because they want to paint a narrative that draws your attention away from Islam and towards what they believe they can use against the president to defeat him in 2020. Also, they don’t want to be ‘Islamophobic’ by talking about the real threat within Islam.

It’s cowardly, malicious, and completely irresponsible.

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56 thoughts on “CNN uses 9/11 anniversary to explain how “Right-Wing” terrorism is BIGGER THREAT than Islamic terrorism

  1. You ask: “Why is there this insistence by the liberal media, on the anniversary of 9/11, to FORGET what happened 18 years ago?”

    You yourself answered it in the preceding paragraph: “…when you add it to the deaths on 9/11, in which nearly 3,000 people were murdered, there’s just no comparison.”

    They want to forget it, because it doesn’t fit the image they’re trying to create.

  2. This reminds me of a player being proud of individual stats he rang up well after the game outcome was already determined, also known by sports fans as “garbage time”.

    Islamic terrorists have the lead in deaths and terror this century and no one else is even close.

    1. Worth repeating: “Islamic terrorists have the lead in deaths and terror this century and no one else is even close.”

    2. And look at their cherry picking. They picked here, where whites are 60% and Muslims are 3%, yet the numbers are 107/104?

      So Muslims are 2000% more likely to be terrorists than whites.

      Good job CNN. Buncha racists. Now do the Middle East.

    1. And there’s the huge elephant in the room. One is a solo nut case. The other is a mass movement (terrorist group) and an attack supported by a huge percentage of Muslims around the world. They would have destroyed the entire United States if they could.

  3. The New York Times wouldn’t even mention the terrorists. They tweeted that the PLANES flew into the towers.

    They wonder why their ratings are collapsing. This is not only bad but it’s extremely appalling. If they had any brains they’d be ashamed of themselves.

  4. First, Scoop, there is no white supremacist threat in the US! Statistically, there’s like 2000 known white supremacist group members and those group members are equal parts FBI agents and inbred idiots. Maybe there’s even some overlap.

    Conversely, 60+% of the US population is “white”, while less than 3% is Muslim, yet the post 9/11 score is 107 to 104? That means Muslims are 20 times more likely to commit acts of terror!!!

    But here’s the real deal: When and if the “white men” decide they have no choice but to revolt, the backlash is going to be swift, and epic, and tragic. CNN is right, to a point. White boys know how to be violent. We’re the most dangerous demographic in the US. But CNN doesn’t really, really believe that, or CNN wouldn’t be saying that on television.

    1. “Statistically, there’s like 2000 known white supremacist group members…”

      I’m not really sure that’s the metric you want to use. Oklahoma City involved 1 person. 9/11 only had 13. It doesn’t actually take many crazy people for an ideology to become a threat.

  5. Another despicable hit piece on this day that most are trying to grieve for the loss and the pain of the 9 -11 memory.

    You know what else is a threat…propagandist news that lies and tries to purposefully deceive people. The Media IS the ENEMY of the people.

  6. CNN is desperate to divide this country with false racism. One day their lies, omissions and half truths will catch up with them. Hint: Nov 2020

  7. That’s pretty clever. Just keep shifting the goalposts to make your narrative true. I like it.

    Right-wing terrorism is once again responsible for more deaths on U.S. soil (107) than jihadi terrorism (104)

    What’s the number for Chicago terrorism?

    1. Old trick used by all the public employee unions.

      No matter what you give them, it is never enough. The very next day they are back demanding more – we are underpaid, overworked, under-appreciated and our morale is bad. Give us more money.

    2. And as pointed out above; much of the “Right Wing” terrorism, if not most, is actually Lefties who are misrepresented.

    1. Seriously. It’s an idiotic narrative to on 9/11. Terrorism is bad. Trying to parse out which is worse is dumb. Just shoot the terrorist. Worrying about which flavor it is just wastes time.

  8. Its like if FOX whitewashed away MLK’s death anniversery with “but now we have other problems to worry about”

    Anyway, the “right wing” murdering incels don’t appear to be well organized, like a terrorist group. And CNN might consider their own role in inciting these crazies. Trump and CNN both stoke racial grievance for profit.

    1. Please explain with supporting facts/examples how Trump stokes racial grievances for profit. I understand how CNN does it, but if Trump is doing it, he is doing a very poor job of it.

  9. Islam is totalitarian misogynistic theocracy, the antithesis of US & the US Constitution. MSMDNC can do & say whatever they wish. That does not alter the reality of the threat of Islam. Islam comes to conquer. Their doctrine is quite clear.

  10. CNN can’t be anything more than a CIA-fronted, deep state disinformation site.
    Your own tax dollars at work. Against you.

  11. The El Paso white supremacist gunman was a left wing progressive and that’s a fact.

    The Dayton mass murder terrorist was an Antiifa left wing extremist and that’s a fact.

    James Hodgkinson was s Bernie Sanders campaign worker who attempted to slaughter 22 GOP Congressmen firing 54 shots from an assault rifle and shooting 5 Congressmen.

    A heavily armed BLM sniper gunned down 12 police officers in downtown Dallas, leaving 5 of them dead and 7 wounded, when he specifically set out to kill as many white officers as he could.

    The political left is the country’s incubator of irrational social violence and nothing so distinguishes them from the rest of the spectrum as their propensity for and embrace of violence as a tool. Whether in the streets of St. Louis or Baltimore or Chicago or Detroit, an MS-13 gang murder, Antifa, BLM, Occupy, while yelling “Allahu Akbar”, or on a baseball field in Virginia massacring republican politicians. Those under the umbrella of the political left are responsible for almost all “violence” in this country. In 2017 the U.S. saw another million violent crimes including 16,000 homicides and the vast majority of those are committed by the left.

    1. Thank you for reminding us that the MSM tries to label Left Wing extremists as Right Wing. People are so quick to believe a lie, it’s a proven fact. That’s why we have to work extra hard to question everything that comes from the MSM.

    2. “Those under the umbrella of the political left are responsible for almost all “violence” in this country. “

      Factor in abortion and violence, of the most extreme kind, is a virtual leftist monopoly.

    3. A few more…

      2015 San Bernardino attack perpetrated by Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik who were inspired by Islamic terrorism.

      Fort hood mass shooting by Nidal Hasan inspired by radical Islam.

      Christopher Dorner who went on a killing spree supported both Obama and Hillary.

      The 2019 Dayton shooter Connor Stephen Betts, a self described leftist, endorsed Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders .

      Colorado school shooter Devon Etickson was anti-Trump, and anti-Christian, and was pro-Obama.

      And of course the Boston Marathon bombers were inspired by Islamic terrorism.

      Just to name a few.

  12. I didn’t vote for Trump last time. They sure do know how to make me want to vote for Trump this time.

  13. I guess he forgot about all those other gunmen that held left wing views. Let’s not mention them right?
    Effing moron!

  14. One of MSN’s daily poll question today was:

    Which is the bigger terroist threat, Foreign terrorism or Far Right Domestic terrorists?

    47% to 43% far right domestic. Just plain stupid.

    1. Pretty pathetic that on a day that should be about honoring those who died on 9/11 they use it to push their narrative. But then again these are the same people who politicize every mass shooting before the bodies are even cold.

  15. Now do left wing violence… Antifa, BLM ect… How many law enforcement officers have been ambushed by these types? How many bombings? Murders? Assaults ect…

    Further I would like to see the numbers inside the 107 deaths supposedly attributed to “right wing terrorists”… Are they claiming Nikolas Cruz (Florida School Shooter) or Dimitrios Pagourtzis (Texas School Shooter) or Devin Patrick Kelley (Sutherland Springs Church Shooter) as “right wingers”? Each of these had demonstrated sympathies with the left… Antifa specifically in the case of Cruz and Pagourtzis….They are still pretending not to know what motivated Micah Xavier Johnson the guy that ambushed police in Dallas… Even though his social media was full of black supremacist and BLM references… Sure, hard to figure out how this guy ended up radicalized huh….

    Bottom line for me is simple… I don’t believe a single word uttered on CNN…. Hell, I even double check the temperatures when they do weather….

  16. From Ilhan Omar’s “Some people did something” to this garbage from CNN, do they anyone have any shame? Presumably, not.

  17. What about deaths caused by democrats? Are they all Angel’s? The people they’ve labeled as right wingers turn out to be liberals.

  18. And why, as if I didn’t know, do they call it ‘right wing’? There’s nothing right wing about white supremacists. That’s called ‘racists’, ‘bigots’. Or have they used the word ‘racist’ so much it no longer means anything? Do they take note at all at the slaughter going on with Christians? Fools.

  19. And I tutor stats. This is so wrong.

    “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.” –Benjamin Disraeli

  20. Having a preference for preserving the ethnic heritage of a nation is not the same as white supremacy. I don’t claim superiority over any other ethnicity or race. However, I would definitely prefer that our country remain majority white and Christian. What race were the men who founded this nation, conquered the west, and turned it into an industrial and economic superpower? Is it criminal to want to “conserve” that ethnic heritage?

  21. Oh, it’s far worse when comparing actual “mass shootings.”

    As Daniel Greenfield points out, a *huge* number of 3-to-12 deaths per incident in mass shootings go uncounted by the left because it’s predominantly black-on-black violence, where entire households are wiped out, or gangs clash, leaving several dead. The biggest mass shooting in 2019 was when a black male “went postal” and killed 12 co-workers. Barely reported.

    Going postal isn’t labeled “terrorism,” but a lone nutter who doesn’t care about a religion or politics is called a “terrorist” because of skin color.

    Your skin color doesn’t crawl off of you to pull a trigger.

    Update: 2 shootings were bigger in 2019. But you get the idea.

  22. demonize those you hate as sub human scum to justify your violence acts against them. We have seen it for the last several years as they openly call for the harassment, assault and murder of trump supporters. Or even anyone that is neutral towards Trump has been labeled the enemy to be punished for not being opposed to trump.

  23. Hey – I’m just glad that Rand and Ron haven’t popped up today to spew their ‘America is to blame for 9/11’ crap, again.

  24. CNN viewership is tanking for good reason. The network has commentators that lie, guests who lie, hired liars and criminals from Obama’s administration, and execs who hire liars and condone all the lies! Basically CNN is pure trash!

  25. The media also loves to conflate non-fatal terrorism, with the fatal terrorism employed by Islam. Non-fatal terrorism, which is usually things like blowing up mail boxes, spray painting swastikas on walls, and other forms of destructive pranks and vandalism, is not comparable at all to the bloodthirsty murders of Islamic Jihadis.

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