CNN’s Brian Stelter so triggered by Musk buying Twitter he’s already LYING about it

CNN’s Chief Fake News media host Brian Stelter is clearly triggered by the announcement today that Elon Musk has purchased Twitter.

In response to the news of the purchase, Stelter described Twitter as a place where there’s going to be no rules and no moderation.

In the video Stelter says…

“If you get invited to something where there are no rules, where there is total freedom for everybody, do you actually want to go to that party or are you going to decide to stay home? And that’s a question for Twitter users. Some Twitter users might love the idea that there’s going to be absolutely no moderation and no rules at all. Others might not want to be anywhere near that. Am I crazy?”

Yes, you are crazy Brian Stelter. And that’s the understatement of the year.

This is exactly what Democrats do every time they don’t get their way they lie about the situation. Like claiming it’s going to be the wild wild west if people are allowed to start carrying guns in more places.

There will absolutely be rules and there will absolutely be moderation on Twitter; that’s not going away. What Elon has talked about stopping is the rampant censorship and banishment of people just for having a different opinion.

So let’s be clear. What Brian Stelter loves about the old Twitter is the censorship. That’s what he’s lamenting in his absurd question that bears no basis in reality.

Well Stelter, I hope you do decide you don’t want to go to this new party. Go ahead and cancel your account and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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