CNN’s Don Lemon tries to get NOAA scientist to blame Hurricane Ian on climate change, but he won’t do it…

CNN’s Don Lemon last night tried to get NOAA National Hurricane Center Acting Director Jamie Rohme to try and blame Hurricane Ian on climate change but Rohme was having none of it.

Lemon starts by asking what effect climate change has on Hurricane Ian and Rohme says he’d rather talk about that at a later time.

But Lemon persists and pushes Rohme on the question again. That’s when Rohme says you can’t link climate change to one weather event and cautioned against Lemon trying to do so.

That’s when Lemon said “Listen, I grew up there. And these storms are intensifying. Something is causing them to intensify.”

These leftist idiots see a hurricane and act like there’s never been one before. Heck, it was only a Cat 3 when he was doing this interview last night and we’ve had a ton of them.

Unfortunately, as you no doubt have seen, there was a rapid intensification this morning and Ian is now as strong a Cat 4 hurricane as it can be, bordering on a Cat 5.

I’m sure this will just feed Lemon’s delusion that climate change is causing this, but like Rohme said you can’t blame climate change for any given hurricane. It’s dumb.

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