CNN’s Jake Tapper grills Netanyahu spokesman over dead children, asks if Israel’s response is disproportionate

CNN’s Jake Tapper went rounds with Netanyahu’s spokesman, Mark Regev, asking him when Israel is going to say ‘enough, we’re killing too many innocent children.’

Regev argued that these civilians are being caught in the crossfire and pointed out once again Hamas’ tactics of storing weapons in UN schools.

While Tapper agreed those tactics are horrible, he suggested that all of these dead children aren’t being caught in crossfire, and pointed out that Israel targeted a terrorists home and killed 25 members of his family, 17 of them being children.

Tapper asked Regev if Israel’s response is disproportionate to the attacks they are getting from Hamas.

Regev hit back saying that Israel must be able to ‘shoot back’ at these terrorists who are firing rockets into Israel. He told Tapper that if Israel refused to shoot back because Hamas was using civilians in this manner, then all terrorists around the world would know this is how you win.

I must say that it was somewhat disappointing to see Tapper pursuing this line of questioning so vigorously, especially when there is proof that Hamas is using children as human shields.


(h/t: Mediaite)

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