CNN’s John King reveals the most damning part of FISA hearing thus far…

CNN’s John King played this exchange between Lindsey Graham and IG Horowitz from the hearing today that he says is ‘damning’:

Again, this is related to the FBI lying to the FISA court by withholding exculpatory evidence that blew up the whole basis for their FISA warrant.

King cites former FBI Director James Comey saying they had other evidence that would have justified the FISA warrant. But King asks “if you had other evidence at this point to justify continuing your investigation, why were you misleading the foreign intelligence [court]? Why was that not reported up the chain of command?”

One of King’s panelists says this is a “very bad factset that was laid out here…” I would argue that this was a devastating factset and one that demands criminal prosecution against those who would abuse the FISA process to go after political enemies.

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