CNN’s ‘media’ show is purely anti-Trump, ignores CNN’s debacle

In another blindingly obvious example of hypocritical bias, CNN’s media critic Brian Stelter had his entire show obsessing against Trump, and completely ignoring the media’s missteps, including CNN.

Here’s screenshots from each of the “Reliable Sources” segments today at 11AM Eastern.

One nailed “Fox and Friends” as pure Trump propaganda, and they’re right about this, but all the other segments were anti-Trump too. How to be a conspiracy theorist but do it right!! WHAT is the White House HIDING from the American public?!? What are Republicans HIDING in the health care bill?! And let’s talk about our reality show president with this interview with talk show host Phil Donahue!!

I don’t necessarily disagree with the substance of some of these segments, as the Trumpery reigns pretty badly these days, BUT he didn’t mention ONCE how CNN FALSELY accused a Trump advisor of being linked to a Russian bank.

Do you think THAT MIGHT be something to talk about on a show about the MEDIA?! Brian Stelter doesn’t. He’d rather talk to Phil Donahue.

Or how about an analyst on MSNBC comparing Trump to a suicide bomber? Or maybe he could have mentioned when Montel Williams said that Republicans were literally sending death notices to their own family members – and said it ON CNN and wasn’t called on it.

Nope? Really? All of it anti-Trump huh?

And they wonder why Trump is winning with the message that the media is biased and corrupt…

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