Coal Giant CEO: Obama is destroying America and he must be stopped!

Photographer: Kenny Crookston/Bloomberg News.
Photographer: Kenny Crookston/Bloomberg News.

Murray Energy CEO argues that Obama is destroying America with his EPA policies to take over the power grid and move America from low-cost electric power to high-cost renewable energy. (Full interview below)

Here are a few highlights from the interview:

The president…is grossly wrong. It’s incompetence. It’s evil. It’s a power grab of America’s electric power grid. It’s what he is doing. And electric rates are going to double between now and 2017.

Why rates are going to double:

They’re shutting down 411 coal-fired power plants in America. That’s about 100,000 mega watts of 4-cent a kilowatt hour. The wind and solar that President Obama and the Democrats in the Senate espouse is 22-cents a kilowatt hour, FIVE TIMES more costly, and it wouldn’t exist except it gets a subsidy from the taxpayer.

He is driving this country from a reliable, low-cost power grid to enormous electric power costs for absolutely no environmental benefit whatsoever.

Why Obama is doing this:

He’s appeasing the radicals who got him elected, liberal elitists such as Bloomberg, the mayor of New York, who gave him $50 million dollars to get rid of coal; Tom Steyer, $100 million dollars in California; Most all the Hollywood characters; Radical environmentalists; Radical unionists, in some cases.

They got him elect expected he is picking winners and losers in this country. But what he’s also doing is he’s picking winners and losers among the states.

This power grab of the power grid bypasses the federal energy regulatory commission, it bypasses the states, which each state has a utility commission to regulate their electricity and control the price of it.

“When he says electric rates would skyrocket, he meant it.”

When he says electric rates would skyrocket, he meant it. He’s carrying it out. How would you want to get control of America the most? Through the electric power availability, rationing it and the cost of electricity. That is what is happening.

I’m afraid to death for America and if people in this country had better be because the people on fixed incomes — and I grew up poor — are going to be hurt the worst.

Why this CEO is speaking out so forcefully:

It’s a human issue to me. [My employees] lives are being destroyed for no environmental benefit whatsoever. Yes, they pushed back on me and will continue to do it but I’m an old man and I care about my employees, I care about this country and I’m going to continue to speak out because this man is destroying America, in so many ways.

And electric power is a staple of life. We must have reliable low-cost electric power. And he is destroying it as he said he would do, and he has to be stopped. But so does every Democrat in the United States Senate because they all support it.

Watch the full interview below:

UPDATE: I’d like to add that this is exactly what Republicans should sound like. They can all learn a lesson from Bob Murray.

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