Cokie Roberts: The Constitution is the problem

Cokie Roberts said this morning on ABC’s This Week that our inability to fix our problems is the fault of the Constitution because it requires that people come together from different perspectives because we have divided branches of government.

via NewsBusters

This group of people in New York [Standard and Poor’s] is actually talking about more government rather than less government, Congressman. In fact, the reason they like France and Great Britain is because they’re parliamentary systems where the majority gets what it wants no matter what.

And the problem that we have here is the Constitution of the United States of America which actually does require people to come together from different perspectives whether it’s divided government or not. We have divided branches of government under any circumstance.

No silly news reporter, that’s not the problem. The problem is that we have people (read radical leftists) who swear to uphold the Constitution who actually oppose the Constitution and seek to undermine it in any way they can. That’s the real problem. And as Newsbusters points out, I’m sure Cokie Roberts wouldn’t decry divided government if Republicans controlled the Senate, House, and the Executive. In fact I bet she’d be clinging to the Constitution like those backward hicks in Pennsylvania clinging to their Bibles and their guns.

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109 thoughts on “Cokie Roberts: The Constitution is the problem

  1. Cokie Roberts comment that people who criticise President Obama for being a muslim because they won’t say what they don’t like is that he is black should prompt us to question the NPR journalism approach. A comment like this should cause all readers or listners to realize that in the face of overwhelming poll data and researched statistics regarding how many Americans disapprove of Obama’s job performance she would still say it is because Americans don’t like blacks. This is evidence that Roberts and the rest of her NPR colleagues will use their privilege of having a voice in America to distort the truth and try to cover up the actual disapproval of the job our elected President is doing for the people for whom he works.

  2. correct me if I am wrong but if the tea party conservatives did not fight for what meager scraps the republicans got, it would have been a slam dunk for the Marxist black angel of death to get all the spending he wanted. Which would have been a no brainer for S&P to downgrade, at least here they had to think about it a little. Barney Frank you pathetic shred of confused humanity THE MILITARY??? Really??? by the way are you a pitcher or a catcher???? Washington needs to take note, the folks are at home polishing up their pitch forks and oiling up the torches. wait a minute they must know that because i hear they have security forces training for civil unrest.

  3. Tell you what, Roberts – You start messing with the greatest invention man has ever created (the Constitution of the United States of America) and even we Canadians will come down there and straighten you out. The majority of the US wants to ship Obama back to Kenya so be careful what you wish for, Kooky!

  4. Another sociopathic leftist liberal. She lost all credibility during the Iran Contra hearings.

  5. The problem isn’t the greatest document ever conceived and written, which has produced the greatest country the earth has ever seen…The problem is liberal spending. Period.

  6. “…The reason they [S&P] like France and Great Britain is because they’re parliamentary systems where the majority gets what it wants no matter what.”

    Uh, Cokie…the majority of this country wants spending cuts.
    Which is exactly what S&P is telling us to do!

  7. Yes, the problem is the Constitution. The original citizens of this country left Europe to get away from those policies, then eventually wrote the Constitution to prevent America from becoming like Europe. Now the powers that be want to turn us into Europe, and the Constitution is getting in the way. Not that they aren’t halfway there even with the Constitution. Thank you, commerce clause.

  8. I was not aware that S&P liked the defunct nations of France and GB. I thought bond rating agency’s looked at the fiscal health of a nation, guess submission to a singular leader is more important. Guess we’ve got that one wrong for almost 300 years, good thing S&P only recently found out.

  9. If we had a Parliamentary system as Cokie seems to yearn for… John Boehner would be prime minister (role of chief executive in that system) and Barack Obama would be a private citizen or a back bencher member of parliament.

  10. Email to Fox & Friends this morning:

    Cokie is not too far off base — What we have with the economic situation is, in effect, the most obvious symptom of an AS YET un-named Constitutional crisis. The issues of term limits, states’ rights, and other matters can, at this point, ONLY be handled by a Constitutional Convention to assure stability for the next 200 years.

    The Tea Party is in the best position to call for this, but it has now become part of the dysfunctional political landscape that is getting us deeper into crisis, rather than addressing it properly. The reason is fear of the reality, and the real need of our nation today.

    Hubert D. Rabon
    Indian Trail, NC

  11. Thank you Cokie, for speaking your mind. Instead of changing this country, why don’t you take your gold and move to Iran. I would love you there.

  12. Hard to believe that someone could say whatever the hell she meant. I can honestly say that now I have not heard it all.

  13. Ummm, hello, is anyone home? The reason that France and Great Britain are liked right now is because they are making BIG cuts to their public funding policies. Not because they are pushing everyone around based on who is in office. Their actions are an acknowledgment of understanding the concept of “running out of other people’s money”. Everyone in the world is reeling in their spending while we spend more and more and more, but somehow WE had our credit rating cut. These Democrats make fun of Americans because we don’t concern ourselves with other countries and pay attention to global problems, but when circumstances require it, they remain the ignorant ones. Right now the biggest problem facing America is not the Constitution, but the corrupt state run media. We have a media that is FOR big government and not for informing the public of the facts and faults of such.

  14. The problem for libtards like Cokie is our constitution doesn’t allow totalitarian rule and that makes them mad. Our founding fathers knew all about people like Cokie and how they would mistreat you if they could and they didn’t want any more of it and neither do we. Kiss our tush, Cokie.

  15. we should pipe Rush into her home 24 hours a day 7 days a week 52 weeks a year and drive that pea size brain of her’s to explode…this OLD TIRED commie from the sixties need to give the botox up …look what it did to the Possy’s face and brain…

  16. Stopped watching Cokie a long time ago, socialism was showing up in her commentary for years. The guilting of americans from her was just silly then, as now!

  17. Ah yes..  the Anti-American Socialist-Marxists, are now out in the open and have declared themselves so, and to be against the US Constitution of the United States of America..  How much more do the American people need to see, before they have all lost their Freedoms, Rights, and Liberties, forever.  Between  Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, John Kerry, Howard Dean, Cokie Roberts, Bill Maher,  and all the other radical Anti-American, loony toon moronic imbeciles, in America, aka, the Domestic Enemies of America.. whom are determined to take down America and the US Constitution, period..  and if we do not stop them, they will succeed, as no amount of so called reasoning and negotiating with them, will ever stop them..

    This is why the ones who hold public office, must all be thrown out of power, authority, and office, period, and as soon as possible.!!!

  18. Thses people are more and more feeling the boldness to speak what they have believed in all along. When they see so much of the ignorant masses who have no clue, or don’t want to know how this country has worked, and they believe they have the power to continue down the road they are taking us, they have no problems speaking about dumping the Constitution, spreading the wealth, giving control to the UN or foreign countries.
    It makes me sad for Americans who still love freedom and greatness.

  19. we need conservative super majorities in the house, senate, and a conservative president to solve our debt problem, to grow the economy etc..nothing else matters, just tune the one and his party and the msm out until the elections….don’t panic until then, just wait it out and hang in there….time will fly soon enough.

  20. divided government is perhaps the best thing the constitution gives us. it prevents radical, revolutionary change unless it’s in an obviously good direction. we don’t want to uproot, unsettle or destroy the good that we already have on the “hope” that with radical “change” it will be better.

  21. I could care less what C&^ntie Roberts from the likes of National Pubic Radio have to say about this topic, she should be pelted with insults from all on the show and laughed into retirement.

    This is a Red Dawn situation. We’ve been invaded by commies on several fronts, and the resistance is fighting back.

  22. I used to really like Cokie back in the early days of NPR.

    In my opinion, she was the smartest of the four original, “main” ladies at the time (Cokie, Mara Liasson, Susan Stamberg, and Nina Totenberg). And I mean no disrespect to those three. She was more cautious with her statements, and more balanced in her approach to old-school journalism. That’s why she made a great “get” for ABC when she crossed over to television to be on the same panel as George Will. She’s one of the few left-of-center women who could ever hope to contend with him, intellectually.

    Since the 2000 election fiasco, though, most of the old NPR hands have compromised their journalistic integrity, at least at times. Cokie probably does this less often than most lefty journos, though. (My guess is she’s as disgusted at the Olbermann/Schulz types many of us are.)

    This comment about the Constitution was a mistake on her part, but one which revealed a lack of reverence for original principles. A person who cherished Individual Liberty would never use such language. Obviously, the Obama faction has pushed the moderate leftists farther left, much as the jihadist elements of Islam have pushed the “moderate” muslims father into medievalism. It would be nice if both groups recognized their own danger to themselves.

    However, the divide between left and right has turned into a canyon of massive size. We cannot compromise with them because, like the slaveowners of old, they refuse to stop their destruction of the principles of Individual Liberty.

    Sadly, even people of her quality, who join with the Obama faction out of misplaced loyalty to party, must now be totally (politically) defeated. It’s the only way to fix this mess we’re in.

      1. thanks Duane. I tried, but only got the same portion, plus some other clips with George Will – defending the Tea Party!!?? That one surprised me! I figured Chavetz (I don’t think that’s right, but something like) must not have had much of an answer. Or possibly a splendid answer – but I couldn’t find it to tell!

  23. No, the problem is we have a federal government with expanded powers never intended. Back when we had real federalism, the federal government wasn’t trying to solve every problem for everyone in the country with one size fits all solutions. We had a variety of solutions or no solutions depending on what state you were in. If you didn’t like the solution in your state, you moved to a different state. It worked great for 150 years. We should try it again.

    1. I would say that it has worked great for the feds for the last 150 years. They got the ball rolling after winning the civil war. What states rights?

  24. I would like to hear the whole conversation, seems to me she was just starting to frame an answer or comment.

  25. I saw this ridiculous comment….it went well with Alan Greenspan on Meet the Depressed, clearly stating that the question of default was never serious….after all we can always print money.

    Cokie needs to go to that place were they send all the old demented circus monkeys to live out the remainder of there days….she could share a cage with Coco

    she has a face better suited for radio.

  26. Kooky, no the Constitution isnt the problem. The Constitution is what has made this country great, it is what will keep this country great if you and your commie, progressive, liberal, leftist friends stop attacking the foundations of this county. The founding fathers knew that simple majority rule would always lead to problems, that is why they did not make us a democracy as you and your friends like to tell us we are so often, they made us a Democratic Republic so as to prevent simple rule of majority which leads to chaos. Now this is not to say that there have not been progressives on the right Kooky that have attacked the Constitution as well because there have been but in the grand scheme of things it has been majority of you on the left.

  27. Yeah, Kooky. If we just get rid of the freedom of the press, you could shot for sedition by a Che Guevera type for criticizing the Constitution.

  28. Our country experienced the one party control nirvana that Cokie wants during much of the first decade of this century. During that time, we added nearly $10 trillion to our national debt. She may want to re-examine this kooky theory of hers.

    1. The constitution and bill of rights are just talking points anyway. Their application to limit government is long gone, therefor it is effectively impotent and useless.

  29. The left are the new British Loyalists. They hate the Constitution and everything that made America great.

  30. With Obama’s negative comments about the constitution and his love for the unions (which by the way, in my limited experience, operate in the Parliamentarian fashion) it is no wonder she would consider the constitution a problem. Also she despises the fact that the House has 242 out of 435 Republicans. If the numerator was 218 or better Democrat she would be happy as a lark.

  31. Seriously, if you can get a spot on national television to blather a bunch of nonsense, this is truly a free country. I have to admit, if I was a dictator, I would have had Cokie sent to the gulag for her yap.

    1. I wonder if any of them ponder the idiocy of riticizing the very form of government (US Constitution) that gives them the right to criticize in the first place.

  32. WELL COKIE !!.. The people in New york that like the form of Government in France and England.

    They should (” with my permission”) go there and live. I have sworn to Defend the Constitution of the United States.. So held me God..

    NOW COKIE.. The People of America like the Constitution

    Were you just being “RIB JABBING” to the Congressman from Utah…

  33. Once again we see the efforts of Progessives(R and D) to push the agenda that we should be a Democracy but our constitution prevents us from being what they think we should be. Our government tries to spread the idea of democracy when I founders specifically rejected the democratic form of government. They chose to form a Constitutional Republic with limited federal power, Three branches of government to act as a check and balance of any branch becoming too powerful. Gridlock in government is a good thing for the people. The problem is for many years the government has been allowed to circumvent the constitution. Plus too much power has been given to the POTUS with all the czars and EPA USDA FCC and all these regulatory agencies that have their foot on the necks of citizens and businesses. Stopping this progessive agenda is not going to be easy. But the Army of Davids is up for the fight. The USA and the Consitution will be saved from those who would love to see it destroyed. If we were a democracy all this would be a mute point because those clinging to their guns and religion would be in charge and these networks would be no more.

    1. Cokie is an old NPR host and gets dusted of for display every now and then as though she were a sage.

    2. I guess we should care about what she says because she is incapable of forming independent thoughts. So, I assume we are beginning to she the next phase of Media Matters taking points.

      No surprise, the Constitution is the obstacle.

  34. That old witch Kooky Roberts is a hypocrite’s hypocrite.

    I’m sure she likes the eurotrash system of majority [mob] rule government, because Europe is awash and overrun with liberals. There are no Conservatives in Europe, at all. Anywhere. A European ‘conservative’ is not much better than an American ‘centrist’/’center-left’, like the worthless McCain Family. She would love to see America turn into a leftist welfare state, just like Europe, and refuses to believe the European Union to be the failure it is, because the failing ‘states’ keep getting bailed out by others, forcing their citizens to shoulder the burden of other ‘states’ economic incompetence and irresponsibility. To her, as long as there’s an unending supply of funnymoney, there can be no economic collapse, unless the liberals say there’s one coming, to scare the stupid [elderly that can’t think for themselves, anymore].

    I keep saying it, because it remains true: liberals/leftists and various other miscreants are like viruses. Instead of living in harmony/symbiosis with their environment, they move in to corrupt, destroy and kill, changing what was once alive, thriving and healthy [America] into a gangrenous, dead mass of tissue, only to move onto the next target. They’re too stupid to realize that, eventually, there will be no more living targets. They will have killed everything.

      1. I double-liked Jaynie’s comment…once logged out and again logged in. I wanted to see that handsome fuzzy grizzly right there 🙂

        There’s no doubt about it. Mr. VirusX can certainly write up a storm. I think I hear thunder.

    1. But where to they find these people? She’s been on TV for at least 20 years. Don’t the producers of these shows even know a normal person?

    2. So THAT’S why you’re ‘Virus X”!! I wondered. I like your comments – you’ve got a bit of fire in ya, Sparky!

  35. We are all in the final stretch. Like the debt talks with Kerry (D) blaming the (R) Congress for delay tactics. S&P downgrading the US instigating the debate it is almost like it is planned. Black mobs in the street, riots beginning from NY to LA. Now with this Woman attacking the constitution. I just described the last 24 hours. The three branches of government are hell bent on destroying this country. They have a little more then 12 months to do it in, and if they can’t destroy this country the will do as much damage to us the American people as they can. We have traitors for leaders and this is an orchestrated attack. Obama is playing golf, not because he has no time, He has all the time in the world and if anything he is celebrating the split America we have become, that he himself has helped induce.

    The roller coaster we are on is just reaching the top of the first hill and we are about to speed down hill in too a first circle of uncertainty. If you think the last 24 hours are bad then just wait. The closer the election the more we will be under attack. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if by then we have marshal law enforced here in the US and have a curfew of 10 pm. Please remember the last election where Pelosi and Reid got voted in again, yet their were something weird about it. The two biggest most powerful liberals one in the senate and one in congress (House Speaker at the time, Third in line to the presidency) both one there districts with power outages? Just watch for Voting fraud like this country has never seen before.

    One thing I still don’t understand is how Congress has all time low ratings right now yet the president have 45 percent approval rating? what is wrong with this picture? If we don’t start pulling together as a nation. Decide once and for all what way “we” (all the American people, not just part) want to take the direction of OUR country in. Everyone knows the fork in the road is either to Communism or I was going to say freedom, yet I feel I should write “The Constitution way”. I do not know if Christians are the minority now but if Obama and his crony’s or Czars get in again, then I will be assured that Christians will be the minority at that point. Then we will watch the world fall in too a second Dark Age. Maybe that will be the beginning of the end.

    1. Many will take the wide road, and few will take the narrow road. Christians have been in the minority for some time. Even in churches.

  36. Bush 1 said the Iraq war was about legitimizing the authority of the UN to police the world. Bush 2 said the 2nd Iraq war was about upholding UN sanctions, therefore legitimizing the UN. The Bushs weren’t Americans at all, they were Internationalists attempting to progress the shifting of command of the American military over to the authority of the UN. The end of the constitution and the new reign of world government is coming with or without the help of leftists.

        1. If you take the time to watch the 30 minute presentation by John McManus, president of the John birch society, back in 1995. I think you’ll change your mind.

    1. ROTF.

      Yeah, that’s why the Bush’s appointed the likes of Thomas, Roberts and Alito to the Supreme Court. Nothing like some originalist judges to get rid of the Constitution for ya.

    2. ROTF.

      Yeah, that’s why the Bush’s appointed the likes of Thomas, Roberts and Alito to the Supreme Court. Nothing like some originalist judges to get rid of the Constitution for ya.

    3. I think that the US military will simply be handed over after the collapse of the Fed Res note takes hold. They will then be funded by the new world reserve controlled by the IMF, and their political authorities will be the UN body of government. America will simply fade away into third world status and the North American Union.

      I try to get this across enough that when this all takes place, people on this site might think back and say, “maybe those Ron Paul and Alex Jones guys were right”. Of course, when we are in that situation, it may or may not be harder to keep up the left/right cover. I guess it depends on how much people continue to need another party to be the only bad guys. Sometimes I think that the tea party was not ignored by the media because they wanted another distraction.

  37. What’s funny coming out of these Sunday shows (according to what I’m reading on the blogs so far) is how absolutely stupid Democrats and their sycophants in the media are. I really didn’t see this one coming. Which is shocking to me because my opinion of liberals couldn’t be any lower than it is. But it just went down.

    The message they’re trying to get out there to set the narrative over the downgrade is to blame the Tea Party by calling it the “Tea Party downgrade”. There is no point to this other than to drive a wedge between Republicans and the Tea Party.

    Boy, they really don’t get it. They really do not get it.

    You know what? Let’s not explain it to them. Let’s let them wake up on November 7, 2012 wondering how they lost 49 states.

    1. I assume you mean all but Lala land (California). You really think NY would go red? I mean outside of NYC, the state is mostly Republican but they get outnumbered by NYC residents heavily.

  38. The socialist-democrats and the media in particular, will say and/or do anything to defend not only the failing regime leader, but socialism.

  39. “Kooky” Roberts and her leftist goons only parade the Constitution out when it benefits their agenda in the interim the leftist do all in their power to diminish our Constitution in hopes of eliminating it. Anyone think about what the system looks like that they want to install instead of our Republic?

  40. “Kooky” Roberts and her leftist goons only parade the Constitution out when it benefits their agenda in the interim the leftist do all in their power to diminish our Constitution in hopes of eliminating it. Anyone think about what the system looks like that they want to install instead of our Republic?

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