Colion Noir: Take the ‘gun’ out of ‘gun violence’ and what do you have left?

Another short but excellent monologue by Colion Noir wondering why we are just focused on gun violence and not all violence:

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32 thoughts on “Colion Noir: Take the ‘gun’ out of ‘gun violence’ and what do you have left?

  1. Been pretty quiet lately…Isn’t it time for the Obamarrhoids to throw a couple of more preshooler bodies on the Gun Control barbecue again?  Your letting this and the environmental crisis slip away from you, Ched.

  2. I like this guy.  Message and video quality are really well done.  His speaking is really good, but not quite as good as some of the other mini videos on here.  Will be interesting to see if he branches out from guns much.

    1. JimLand Speaking of “speaking really good” it should be “speaking really well”, ha….sorry I couldn’t help it.  Not trying to be mean just thought that was a bit funny.  I kid….I kid…

  3. This is simply outstanding! No wonder the left changed their spew to “Gun Safety” instead of Gun Control and Gun Violence.

    1. OneThinDime Changing the language really has us fooled. Thank goodness midgets don’t know they’re midgets and are less offended when they are called little people or vertically challenged. Global Warming has been eradicated but we now have to deal with Climate Change. Well, at least the president is still an evil dude to me.

      1. notsofastthere OneThinDime Well we are not fooled but the impressionable ObamaBots are and the MSM plays the spin

      2. notsofastthere OneThinDime you should listen to tom mabe’s christmas gift.  it is about the “M” word

  4. I’m amazed, practically daily, at the disconnect between our conservative value in being responsible for one’s own social interactions and general safety, and the libbies constant expectation that someone else will, without question, jump to save their worthless hides from every little incovenience. If (when?) the radicals, foreign or domestic, bring their anti-American ideology violently to the streets, I have every faith that we God fearing Americans will hang together, while the wannabe socialists will hang seperately. (to paraphrae. B. Franklin) Semper Fi…

  5. Great video. It makes sense to me…not so much to gun-grabbing lefty loons, though.

  6. Our Congress is seriously considering taking guns away from Americans in direct contradiction to the Constitution.  And yet, Big Sis is buying billions, yes billions, of hollow point bullets (itself contrary to the Geneva Convention) and military vehicles.  For what purpose?  No ammunition for Americans, but billions of bullets for the Department of Homeland Security?  Wake up, America.  You are about to be taken for a “ride.”

    1. Pancake3  You are referring to the Hague Convention, not the Geneva Convention. And while I don’t agree with the governmant buying up all the ammunition, they are not in violation of the Hague Convention because this is for domestic law enforcement units, not the military engaged in war.

  7. Since I don’t have to walk through a bad neighborhood to get to work, or anywhere for that matter.. I never thought about that scenario.  Very eye opening.   #NoJimWeWillNotBend!

  8. “Band aid on a bullet hole”. Good stuff. This one should be played in the House and the Senate because they might learn something.

      1. tshtsh OnTheMark In his speech the other day, he said people should stay and fight instead of move to another state…..

  9. Take the ‘Gun’ out of ‘Gun Control’ and what do you have left?
    Same principle, same goal, same ideology.

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