Commie idiot Ocasio-Cortez blames society for her inability to afford HOUSING

OK listen this story is being widely circulated but people are totally burying the lead on this one. Commie dumbass Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Sandinista Barista, got into a social media war with Fox News because they made fun of her for not being able to afford an apartment in New York City.

But… isn’t the real important point here is that this halfwit moron has a DEGREE in ECONOMICS but can’t figure out how to pay for her damn apartment in New York City?! Are you serious?! So this commie degenerate thinks that it’s society’s fault that she lives in a place she can’t afford? This is blowing my mind.

So this a-hole is supposed to be able to run the country when she can’t even run her own damn life?!

Have yourselves an open thread – here’s some comment fodder:

This is amazing.

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