Commie Ocasio-Cortez wants to destroy the ELECTORAL COLLEGE!

So liberals and their media allies were stung so badly from the Supreme Court loss, that they’re looking at a new culprit for their impotent incompetence: the electoral college.

And of course, dim-witted commie idiot Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is all about it because she can’t think for herself:

She’s not even in Congress yet, and already she thinks she’s smarter than the founders.

Commie-Cortez, or the Sandinista Barista, got all sorts of crap for her idiotic suggestion, but this was a pretty good summary of all that is stupid with her tweet:

And she’s not the only one – liberals AND journalists are whining about the electoral college as if they could possibly change it and solve all their problems.

Look at Ken Dilanian exposing his left-wing bias shamelessly:

Easily obliterated:

It’s total BS and it comes from whiny idiots who don’t understand the principles of our country. We are not a pure democracy and weren’t designed to be, for very good reason. They don’t care, they just want more power…

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