Commie Xi threatens to SHOOT DOWN U.S. fighter jets and blow Nancy Pelosi out of the sky. Levin ain’t having it.

Look, I understand the impulse to want to knock Pelosi down about 3,000 pegs or so. But when bloodthirsty, mass-murdering, concentration camp running, trade stealing, children enslaving, scumbag DICTATORS threaten to blow American fighter jets and dignitaries out of the sky that is a damn problem, and that’s a fact.

Hu Xijin is a state-run Chicom propaganda outlet. They say nothing without Dear Leader’s bloody stamp of approval. So when they posted this threat earlier, it wasn’t a statement of observation or a press outlet saying something about defense. It was an almost not veiled at all direct threat on Americans.

Mark Levin is calling it what it is: an assassination threat.

Ironically it is Biden and Pelosi herself who continue to make scum like Xi bold enough to threaten what no national leader would have DARED threaten against the United States not so long ago.

And the solution requires Republicans. It requires Trump’s China plan. Not Nancy’s appeasement.

Levin then finished his thread with a remark directed at Republican “isolationists” but I think the first three tweets sum up the issue right fine.

Considering Biden’s cozy family friendship with Xi’s regime, will Pelosi’s talk of Taiwan get cancelled faster than her husband’s buy orders after insider info? Probably.

But it remains that Xi doesn’t get to threaten to shoot down American fighter planes while we just sit here and take it harder than a Hunter Biden laptop. Or shouldn’t get to. The Chicom menace shouldn’t be allowed to continue stealing our property, our data, and our intimidating swagger over the bad actors of the world.

Trump says all the time America has to be strong and act strong so our enemies know what’s up. Well they obviously don’t.

And they won’t unless every American fights to get the Democrats out of office at every level.

Oh, and Xi? Nobody likes Nancy. But you are slightly worse, so go TikTok yourself, pal. Whatever the heck that is.

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