Commuters force open doors, flee train in PANIC over man reading Bible verses!

Just a few weeks after jihadis targeted a train in London with a small bomb, some guy starts reciting Bible verses and caused a panic on another train in London:

BBC – Passengers forced open the doors on a busy rush-hour train and climbed on to tracks after becoming “panicked” in the carriage.

It happened outside Wimbledon station in south-west London at 08:30 BST as a man apparently began reading lines aloud from the Bible.

Commuters became scared when the man also began saying “death is not the end”, a passenger said.

Rail power lines were cut as passengers “self-evacuated”, police said.

Trains on the route were disrupted for nearly 12 hours, but are now running normally.

Ian, who was on the train, said the man’s Bible-reading led to a “commotion” and a “crush”.

He said someone then asked the man to stop speaking “as he was scaring people” and “the guy stopped and stood there with his head down”.

Another report suggests he was reading verses about homosexuality and sex outside of marriage.

Here’s more from this ‘Ian’ guy who tweeted as it was happening:

I’m not sure I agree with someone reading Bible verses in front of a captive audience on a train, especially only three weeks after a train terrorist attack in the same city.

But what’s interesting about this is that the ‘idiots’ who lied about what the man was reading from the Bible actually made the situation worse for all the commuters, because it forced the guards to take precautions that they wouldn’t have had to take otherwise.

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