Condescending MSNBC Host Calls Robertson, Jindal Stupid

Filling in for Melissa Harris-Perry, MSNBC guest host Joy Reid today ran a segment in which she addressed a fictional “letter” to Gov. Bobby Jindal.

I don’t know what it is with the Saturday MSNBC hosts that makes them think their ridiculous attempts at snarkasm are anything other than annoying and pathetic. The smarmy sneering tone adopted by Reid in this ludicrous segment is copied and pasted from every other segment hosted by Melissa-Harris Perry or Karen Finney.

If you can stomach it, Joy – can I call you Joy? – snidely comments about freedom of speech being a protection against government. A reminder her party could have used, oh, say, A MILLION TIMES over the last few years. These are the same folks crying about first amendment from the hilltops during the Bush years Dixie Chick kerfuffle. And they didn’t even get fired, people just stopped suffering through their terrible concerts.

Jindal didn’t dive in to stupid, Joy, he rightly pointed out that the forces of political correctness in this nation, every time and without fail, attempt to silence speech rather than engage or debate it. And by every time, I mean every fracking time, Joy. And guess what else Joy? A person’s speech can be abridged by the mob mentality just as effectively, and offensively, as by government, whether or not that is a constitutional matter. When people gather in force to shout down and shut out from the public square those with whom they disagree, it is a proper American response to feel outraged.

When your side marshals their Media Matters army of pajamaboys to call networks to try to get conservatives fired from television, that is an outrage. When families are asked to take religious symbols or holiday decorations down from their homes, that is offensive. When the forces of the left gather in number like the army of drones that they are to mindlessly chant talking points in an effort to drown out all opinion not their own, that is a specter of intolerance and citizen fascism that should send a chill down the spine of any American.

But I wouldn’t expect you to understand that, Joy. You work for MSNBC. Nobody tries to silence MSNBC’s speech, mainly because so few people are aware of it. And with sneering, condescending, holier-than-thou, sarcastic lectures like the drivel you put on the air today, don’t expect those numbers to change any time soon.

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