CONFIRMED: Kevin McCarthy pulls Republicans from SECOND partisan Pelosi committee

Kevin McCarthy has pulled Republicans from a second partisan Pelosi-created committee after she rejected his picks for the Jan. 6th committee:

NY POST – House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy withdrew all six GOP lawmakers from Democrats’ new select committee on economic disparities after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected two of his picks to serve on the Jan. 6 commission, The Post has confirmed.

Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill told The Post that McCarthy (R-Calif.) withdrew his Republican members from the House Select Committee on Economic Disparity and Fairness in Growth last Wednesday, the same day that Pelosi (D-Calif.) blocked two of his GOP selections to serve on the panel investigating the Capitol riot.

Reached for comment on the matter, McCarthy spokesman Matt Sparks confirmed to The Post that they pulled their members from the economic panel at the same time as the Jan. 6 select committee.

“That’s what we did at the time. We pulled them from immediate consideration. That’s not to say we won’t name [members to the inequality committee] in the future. We might,” Sparks said.

When Pelosi rejected two of McCarthy’s picks for the Capitol riot commission, however, Sparks said the GOP leader opted to put a “hold” on his picks for the other committee.

“Obviously, the speaker has shown she is only interested in establishing select committees that further her political agenda,” he added.

I like that McCarthy is making these moves to draw attention to the absurdity of Pelosi rejecting his committee members for the Jan. 6th commission. But this isn’t getting much play in the media because they don’t give a damn. Just like with Biden, they’ve got Pelosi’s back and won’t make waves for her.

But even so, it’s good that McCarthy is doing this. I’m still waiting, however, for him to punish Liz Cheney and Cryin’ Adam Kinzinger. And I guarantee you when he does, the media will be all over it, like a good Democrat propaganda media would.

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