“Conservative trans woman” is apparently a thing now, but Steve Deace ain’t having NONE of it…

There’s a few articles out there now on a ‘conservative trans woman’ who apparently said a few things about the transgender idiot in Canada that got offended when a bunch of women wouldn’t wax his…..ya know:

Conservative and transgender…um….what?

The fist I heard of this was from Steve Deace, who noticed this in his timeline and had a similar reaction:

I agree with him completely. You can’t just abandon the most basic essence of our humanity and call yourself a conservative.

I get that everyone doesn’t believe in God, but Christianity is at the very heart of conservatism. It was at the very center of America’s founding over two centuries ago, as we see in our most sacred documents. And there’s a good reason for this, because you can’t have a truly free society without virtue, and virtue doesn’t grow on trees. It comes from God.

This is why I have a hard time with so-called secular conservatives who are also social liberals. It just doesn’t compute for me.

In any event, this Blaire White dude responded to Deace, and here’s his response to her…I mean him:

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