Conservatives 42% Liberals 21%, new Gallup Poll finds

We are the majority.  Despite the “we are the 99%” garbage espoused by the Occupy degenerates, self-professed conservatives make up the ideological majority in this country.  At least that’s what the latest Gallup Poll suggests. CNS News has the breakdown:

Self-professed conservatives now outnumber self-professed liberals in the United States, 42 percent to 21 percent, according to a Gallup poll published Monday. Another 37 percent described themselves as moderates.

The percentages are based on Gallup’s daily tracking polls conducted from June 1 to Aug. 31 of this year.

The polls show a slight increase in the percentage of conservatives from the last time Gallup reported these numbers. On Aug. 1, Gallup said that in its polling during the first half of 2011, 41 percent of respondents described themselves as conservatives, 21 percent described themselves as liberals, and 36 percent described themselves as moderates.

Over the past two decades, according to Gallup, the percentage of Americans describing themselves as conservative has gradually increased, rising from 36 percent who said they were conservative in 1992.

The percentage who described themselves as liberal rose from 17 percent in 1992 to a high of 22 percent in 2007 and 2008. Since then, the percentage saying they were liberal has held steady at 21 percent.

Interestingly, it seems as though the more liberal our government gets, the more conservative We the People tend.  Thankfully, election day is today, and an even bigger election day is  less than one year away.  I would prefer these statistics mirrored in our elected legislative bodies, what about you?


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34 thoughts on “Conservatives 42% Liberals 21%, new Gallup Poll finds

  1. One thing I also couldn’t help thinking this morning is that your assertion “We are the majority” is only half of a complete thought. The other unexpressed portion of it, I feel, likely is “so why aren’t we getting what we want?” My heart always skips a beat whenever someone asserts that such-and-such group is “the majority” because I always end up wondering what they want to do to this country in the name of that “majority”…

  2. This poll is flawed. Soccer moms everywhere and the super-indoctrinated white male eunuchs will vote liberal at the drop of a hat. . . not to mention conservative minded Union employees . . . the majority can never seem to do the right thing.

    Go through your list of friends, you will find plenty of these folks on the list.

    The “Big Safety Net” is far more important that the futures of their own families.

    1. Not going to church is not the same as being an atheist. A lot of atheist Americans are Democrats, but I think most atheist Americans more align with libertarianism than liberalism.

  3. It’s high time people started to wake up and realize, YOU CANNOT TRUST MAINSTREAM MEDIA, they are LIARS and will do or say ANYTHING to promote their leftwing/Liberal/socialist agenda and Obama!!! I wouldn’t trust ANY of their polls either!!!

  4. We are the majority. Despite the “we are the 99%” garbage espoused by the Occupy degenerates, self-professed conservatives make up the ideological majority in this country.

    You might want to double-check your definitions, Red. 42% does not a “majority” make.

      1. And the word that describes that result is not majority. 42% is not a majority. It’s a plurality. And that hidden 37% could easily sway conservatives into a minority in an election.

  5. My mother is 62. She is a devout catholic. She doesn’t believe in abortion. She doesn’t believe in gay marriage. She believes that people should not have pre-marital sex. She doesn’t believe that people should get divorced after marriage (within reason). She loves america. She hates people getting welfare. She believes that people should get up in the morning and work for a living. She believes that kids should pray in school and say the pledge. She absolutely abhors big government and believes that people should make their own “bread” (as she says). She hates high taxes. She doesn’t hate or envy rich people. She believes in entrepreneurial initiative, causing her to buy a gas station with my dad. She believes in the American Military, and believes that we should do whatever possible to defeat militant islam.

    And despite everything I’ve written above, guess what party she proudly snaps that lever for every frickin november?

    And how many millions out there are exactly like her?

    1. Generational democrats who don’t yet understand that there is no such thing as a traditional democrat any longer. They are full-blown socialists these days.

      I know it, you know it, and the American people…don’t know it. Many are figuring it out though. O’ has helped a lot in that.

      1. I hope many are figuring it out. BTW, these “moderates” up there in the poll at 37% are also conservatives. Most of them. Hardcore leftists do not constitute any hint of a sizable plurality in this country. You’ll have pockets of them here and there, but most americans love america, don’t want big government, and want the ability to work and make money without having to fork over half of it for social engineering.

    2. SOS, add the whole family , except me, the one who went to college. Guess how the whole family votes, after carter, clinton, and OB? But, then, we live in Texas, and had LBJ, who taught us a lot.

  6. I just read this in the AMAC newsletter (excerpted from Jedediah Bila’s column) which mentions another Gallup poll result:

    Question: ” Reading the news these days can be downright depressing! What do you say to those who feel like they can’t find any optimism in this mess?” – Anthony D.

    Answer: “I happened upon a Gallup poll recently that left me smiling. It reported that “More than one in three Americans (35%) say they are following news about national politics ‘very closely,’ a greater percentage than Gallup has found in non-election years prior to 2008.” In fact, “Conservatives, those 65 and older, Republicans, and postgraduates have all registered double-digit increases compared with September 2007.”

    That’s great news when it comes to moving the country forward in the right direction. People are engaged and their eyes are wide open. Unlike in 2008, when many Americans mobilized behind slogans of “hope,” “change,” and “yes we can,” I have a feeling that Americans will mobilize behind practical solutions in 2012. Those solutions will represent the opposite of Obama’s big-government, big-spending, class-warfare ideology.

    Americans aren’t blind. They see the growing debt. They see failed stimulus after failed stimulus. They see how many Americans are out of work. That’s not the hope and change they had in mind. And they will carry that sentiment to the voting booths in 2012.”

    (For those who are unaware, AMAC is the conservative alternative to the AARP. )

      1. You’re welcome! I joined when I turned 50, which was right about the time we got Obamacare shoved down our throats with AARP’s blessing. They are growing and adding more and more benefits as their membership increases.

  7. There’s a major flaw with this poll. If you asked the average man/woman on the street the difference between Liberal and Conservative, I bet at least six out of ten couldn’t answer the question. Those who claim to be moderate, are usually full of crap, or they simply don’t want to be seen as “extreme”. These labels suit the media, so they push this crap and a lot of people drink their koolaid.

    A good example of this is getting opinions on Palin. A lot of people quickly label her as extreme, but on all the major issues, the vast majority agree with her. They consider her as a ring-wing extremist, because that’s what they’ve been told repeatedly by the media.

    1. That is a true statement, but I think it goes even farther than that. Most people will tell you the dictionary terms where a conservative wants to maintain the status quo and values tradition, and liberals are forward thinking and want a lot of change. Now based on that definition than being a liberal sounds much better, as tradition for traditions sake is stupid. However if you are going to go with principles we would almost all agree that a true conservative is in favor of a very small limited government. Now it gets even weirder as that is really a traditional liberal. Milton Friedman’s one failure is he couldn’t rescue that word from the left. He always referred to himself as a liberal, but I would imagine that most here have a great deal of respect for him.

      Anyway. Bottom line is you are right.

      1. And you’ve pretty much stated every reason why the word “libertarian” was born, of which I think a lot of people actually fit that definition.

        Another part of the issue, as well, with polls like this, is that a lot of people don’t like labels. They don’t like self-identifying under a particular label, possibly because it limits one too much, especially if your views don’t line up just perfectly with that particular label, especially since the definitions of those labels can change. They are convenient, but also discriminating.

        Case in point: pro-life. Initially that word just meant “opposes or disagrees with abortion”. Okay if we stick to that limited definition, most people in the United States are pro-life because most people oppose or do not like abortion — myself included. But the label has been expanded over the years and became more discriminating in who can be included under it to the point where now it means “favors any and every attempt to absolutely proscribe abortion by law without any exception”, and many in the pro-lilfe movement are trying to expand the definition further include the opposition to contraception. And I feel that politicization is what drove organizations to push for a refined and discriminatory definition.

        As Dr Tom Woods has pointed out many times as well, the label “conservative” has also changed over the years. As such those 42% could have many varying definitions of conservative floating around in their mind to the point where they might say they are conservative but not actually line up with what someone else might agree is conservative. Dr Woods self-identifies as a conservative, but I feel many here who also self-identify as conservative would say that Dr Woods is not a conservative.

        There seem to be few labels today for which the definition has not changed over time. Example: veteran.

        1. You’re so right Kenneth. I have a hard time describing myself. Am I a conservative-leaning libertarian? A libertarian-leaning conservative? I don’t know, but I DO know I am not a liberal! It’s the fundamental difference between the left and right (feed the man a fish, or teach the man to fish) that keeps me somewhere to the right of center, no matter what.

  8. The proof is “in the pudding” as they say. We won’t find this out until 2012 when Shabazz is either retained or defeated. Also, we need a complete overhaul in both the house & senate. The more people I talk to I think we are finally on the right track. Here’s hoping that good will indeed triumph over evil!

  9. By their very nature, moderates aren’t leaders. Moderates will follow the “leader” on the battleground of ideas, whether it be Conservatives or Liberals. The hard part is becoming and staying as the leader. The trouble is that Liberals dominate the field of ideas, largely in part to the dominance of their moral code of altruism, dominance over the school system, and dominance within the intellectual and journalistic fields. It’s no easy feat for Conservatives to counter that, but it’s vital that they do, because when Liberal ideas are taken to their consistent extreme, we get the labour/death camps of Communism and Nazism, as can currently be found in North Korea. On the battleground of ideas, the choice is between Communism or Capitalism, and we just need to let the moderates know, because it won’t be hard for them to choose in favour of Capitalism (and therefore support Conservativism), once they know the truth.

    1. I resent the statement Liberals dominate the field of ideas. I have a grad degree in Fine Arts, a so called field of ideas. My polls indicate 30% of ALL fine arts classes, like mathematics, are consevative. We like proven facts, we like to prove more facts. We rely on history. We lead, not by persuation, but by conduct and personal beliefs have fought hard for GOP conservatives, all my life. Perry has great proven methods. History is great, more people need to read more books, and stop watching liberal TV ‘real’ documentaries.

      1. Liberals dominate the field of ideas, not because their ideas are better, but simply because liberals go into intellectual/cultural professions (which obviously have a big impact in the field of ideas), rather than into the market (which has a far smaller impact in the field of ideas).

        See here:

    1. Because Kasich is pandering to special interests as much as Strickland was. Senate bill 5 in addition to the anti union parts which is support, comes with a ton of extra stuff that is an attack schools creating new levels of bureaucracy and forcing teachers to teach to a test even more instead of allowing them to actually help students. If he wouldn’t have added all of that he wouldn’t have had nearly as much of a problem getting support.

  10. So are we going to nominate a liberal republican or a conservative republican? If we nominate the latter, we will lose. Reagan won in landslides for a reason. He connected to the real, conservative values of this nation. We are right of center and we need a candidate that connects to the people from the RIGHT, not from the middle or LEFT.

    1. Yes you are right— Reagan spoke to the “Silent Majority”… as to the reason for his victories in 1980 and 1984.

      Back to history… it was less than 2 weeks before the election of 1980 when Reagan took the lead

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