Conservatives ABANDON TWITTER to PROTEST their SHUTTING DOWN of right-wing advocates!!

This happened a lot quicker than I thought it would. It’s only been a few weeks since Twitter announced it would ask a panel full of left-wing nutjobs to police their social media platform and shut down supposed “bullying,”

Here’s what they said:

That’s why we are announcing the formation of the Twitter Trust & Safety Council, a new and foundational part of our strategy to ensure that people feel safe expressing themselves on Twitter.

As we develop products, policies, and programs, our Trust & Safety Council will help us tap into the expertise and input of organizations at the intersection of these issues more efficiently and quickly.

We have more than 40 organizations and experts from 13 regions joining as inaugural members of the Council. We are thrilled to work with these organizations to ensure that we are enabling everyone, everywhere to express themselves with confidence on Twitter.

I’ve started seeing people say that minor accounts were being banned, but it was hard to know why they were being banned and if it had anything to do with the fascist committee protecting everyone from getting their feelings hurt. Apparently, Breitbart’s @Nero lost his “verified” blue checkmark status over a joke he was tweeting that he was working for Buzzfeed.

Then the big one hit:

Stacy McCain is an anti-feminist blogger, and he often critiques them on Twitter – it looks like that just isn’t allowed anymore.

That’s when more people started paying attention:

The problem isn’t just that they shut down McCain, it’s that they did summarily and without describing what he did to merit the action. So we are completely at their mercy without any recourse. Yes, it’s a private company, but it’s treating us like a totalitarian despot imposing its fickle will on whomever it wants – but mostly on those of us on the right.

Here’s the great Michelle Malkin:

The vituperative and influential Ace of Spades:

Movie star and outspoken conservative Adam Baldwin deleted all his tweets except one that criticized the fascist Twitter council:

Of course, the scumbags on the left are praising the action, because if there’s anything they can’t deal with it’s conservatives with a chance to debate and speak freely:

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 7.26.51 PM

So either Twitter is going to back down, or we’re going to see more and more conservative accounts be banned for daring to criticize the weak-minded mewling losers on the left whose positions are so pathetic they can’t take the tiniest shred of reasoned opposition.

We know that Facebook is already shutting down people for criticizing Syrian refugees, and conservatives have often believed they get the short end of the stick there too. And Tumblr is a cesspool of drooling, rabid LGBT and transexual advocates. I guess it’s back to the only refuge from conservative free speech: email chainmails and tincans linked together through strings.

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