Conspiracy moron Alex Jones IMPLODES over Wikileaks bombshell DUD

If you’ve ever been accosted by Trump supporters you know they’re resting their hopes in the “fact” in their minds that Hillary will go to jail because of revelations by Wikileaks. Unfortunately, last night people stayed up until 3 in the morning because Julian Assange promised to have an important announcement. And they were pretty disappointed.

Here’s what it was:

The scumbag degenerate moron Alex Jones said he was disappointed, but kept his moron followers enthralled by claiming that someone “got to Assange” and bought him off or something.

His completely meltdown is pretty awesome though:

Now you would think they’d learn their lesson, but nope. These scumbag degenerates are making tons of money by keeping the stupider of Trump’s followers seething with some fantasy that there’s a massive conspiracy tripping up the Donald:

Assange now says there will be revelations in a few days:

I would also like to point out that this handsome Mexican predicted this would happen in the post before the announcement last night. On the other hand, if Assange really DOES have something on Hillary, he could put out dud after dud that will completely forgiven as long as he eventually produces real info. But will he?

If you’re a TrumpHumper who’s putting their hopes on some massive conspiracy being brought down in order to usher the dim-witted emperor of morons into the Oval Office, I think you might be disappointed.

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