Cops arrest black men in murder that race-baiters blamed on RACISM; libs hardest hit

Last week the race-baiting superstars of the identity politics left came out en force to promote a racial narrative in a tragic murder of a 7-year-old black girl named Jazmine Barnes in Houston.

And now they’re looking really really stupid.

Because, it turns out that the suspects in the case were black. They were just arrested by police.

Now of course, it doesn’t mean they’re guilty, but it is likely the cops didn’t just arrest people at random.

But, you can bet that none of the nutty liberals will delete their tweets about the ugly racist white man who committed murder and didn’t exactly exist.

This guys is like the king of race-baiting idiots:

Here’s Al Sharpton and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee lying about the case:

And more random tweets:

It didn’t help that the police sketch was so far off:

But that happens, witnesses are unreliable. In any case, a liberal narrative has been revealed to be a complete lie. Now, don’t take this to mean racist attacks never happen. Of course they do. But this shows the media loves to jump to blame racism before the facts come in. We need to all be much more honest if we want to consider and solve the problems this country faces.

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