***UPDATE: DORNER MAY BE DEAD*** Cops have engaged Chris Dorner in San Bernardino Mountains

Twitter has lit up in the last few minutes with possible news of 2 officers down in a shoot-out with Chris Dorner in Big Bear. Here’s the latest from Fox News:

FOX NEWS – A law enforcement official says a person believed to be the fugitive ex-Los Angeles cop sought in three killings has exchanged gunfire with authorities in the San Bernardino Mountains.

The officer requested anonymity because the officer was not authorized to speak publicly about the ongoing investigation.

The officer tells The Associated Press it’s believed Christopher Dorner committed a residential burglary of a cabin and had a couple tied up in the cabin. One was able to get away and make a call.

Authorities responded to the location and gave chase Tuesday when Dorner fled in a stolen car. Gunfire was exchanged.

UPDATE: One of the officers involved in the earlier shootout with Dorner has apparently died:

One police officer was killed and another hurt in a fierce gunfight with a fugitive ex-LAPD cop who remained holed up in a cabin in the San Bernardino Mountains, law enforcement sources said.

UPDATE: The cabin that Dorner is in is reportedly fully engulfed in flames and news choppers are allowed in the air again. Either Dorner killed himself or he was shot by a sniper:

CNN – [Updated at 7:33 p.m. ET] More details on authorities’ current assault on the cabin: Fire, as well as smoke from devices that the officers detonated, have engulfed the structure, according to authorities familiar with the operation. Ammunition is exploding inside, the sources said.

[Updated at 7:26 p.m. ET] The cabin appears to be on fire. Authorities began an assault on the structure minutes ago.

Authorities have penetrated the structure and were bringing equipment to tear openings into the cabin, a source familiar with the operation said.

[Updated at 7:22 p.m. ET] Black smoke is rising high in the air from the cabin area, video from CNN affiliate KABC shows. The video appeared to be taken from a distance; authorities had asked news helicopters to keep well away.

[Updated at 7:20 p.m. ET] Authorities have launched tear gas at the cabin, and a tactical operation is under way, Former FBI Assistant Director Tom Fuentes tells CNN.

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142 thoughts on “***UPDATE: DORNER MAY BE DEAD*** Cops have engaged Chris Dorner in San Bernardino Mountains

  1. BreakingNews Report: California driver’s license naming Christopher Dorner found in burned cabin with body, @AP source says (RS Breaking news feed)

    Again, Borner had a choice. Surrender or suicide. There was one gunshot after the tear gas and fire began. He made his choice and remained in the burning building. Presumably, he killed himself.

    This is what he said he would do, but first he wanted to take out as many cops as he could. Unfortunately, he managed to kill another officer not affiliated with LA Police Dept. in the final gun battle.

    1. And he gave law enforcement the the Fort Hood treatment. Heard anything about Maj. Nidal’s (workplace violence) trial recently. 😉 😉

      1. I despise our military and this administration that Hasan has not already been tried and executed. Ideology is no excuse for slaughter or atrocity such as 9/11 and the 20,375 other terrorist jihad attacks since 9/11.

        Obama used the brave woman who shot Hasan for political purposes at the 2010 SOTU and he is protecting Hasan for ideological political purposes.

        Obama uses people and events for his own ideological purposes.

      2. I’m thinking that he might know something about the LA police that they did not want getting out. He deserves a fair trial, no matter what he has done.
        It doesn’t matter now of course.

    2. How convent of you to miss the part where they are talking about “blood spatters on the wall” and a “possible RPG round in the house”. 😉 😉
      I asked this question before, I’ll ask it again, are you attempting to justify this man’s actions?

      1. You must think so lowly of this world if you would even bring up the fact that any sane person would see Dorner’s actions as justified. Murder cannot ever be justified. Anything else you’d like to bash against those that just want to know the truth?

        1. Truth. He killed a couple innocent civilians in cold blood.
          Truth. He killed a couple a couple cops.
          Truth. He killed another cop and injured a second.
          Truth. He endangered the lives of several civilians while stealing cars, boats and breaking into houses.
          Everything else is conjecture. Actions have consequences and I’m through trying to explain, ‘the truth’ to you.

    1. Absolutely! He killed innocent people that had nothing to do with his beef. Let us not lose sight of that fact.

      You left out an important adjective…Dorner is/was a MURDEROUS fugitive and he would have kept on trying to kill people (cops) at the first opportunity.

    2. Borner had a choice. Surrender or suicide. There was one gunshot after the tear gas and fire began. He made his choice and remained in the burning building.

      This is what he said he would do, but first he wanted to take out as many cops as he could. Unfortunately, he did kill another officer not affiliated with LA Police Dept. in the final gun battle.

    3. Borner had a choice. Surrender or suicide. There was one gunshot after the tear gas and fire began. He made his choice and remained in the burning building.

      This is what he said he would do, but first he wanted to take out as many cops as he could. Unfortunately, he did kill another officer not affiliated with LA Police Dept. in the final gun battle.

      1. There were no choices for him except death. He assumed he was going to die. Think about it, if the country enabled military drones to hunt this guy, you’d think they are trying their best to stop him that is kill him. Police even shot down two newspaper delievering women in the same detailed car that Dorner had without hesitation. My point is that the police has no tolerance for Dorner and by all means necessary, they are going to kill this man.

    4. All he had to do was walk outside, unarmed, with his hands up. Providing he hadn’t shot himself already. He burned himself ALIVE (or dead).

      1. If anything, the moment he steps outside the house, the police would ‘assume’ he had a weapon and shoot him dead. Fortunately, Dorner decided to either kill himself or let the house burn down on him.

        1. ‘Assume”? Now we’re getting somewhere. It’s all been the fault of the ‘evil police’ from the beginning, hasn’t it and he’s ‘justified’ to slaughter innocents to get even with ‘the man’, right? 😉

  2. There is breaking news that a charred body has been found in the rubble.

    Get ready for the race hustlers to come out and scream murder if it’s Dorner. There’s audio going around where the order was given to light up the cabin and you hear two men (police I’m assuming) say “burn it down,” and another saying “get going right now, f**king burn this mutherf**ker.”


    1. Something that could’ve been prevented if no such race issues were involved in the first place within LAPD.

      1. I was wondering how long it was going to take for you to finally get around to playing the ‘race card’. If it had been a White guy in that house you would have been chanting “Burn Baby Burn”, just like back in the Watts Riots” days, why don’t you just admit it.

  3. Per LAPD–there has been no body found, there has been no search- the fire is still too hot for anybody to even go in – I thought it odd that all of a sudden there was a body.

    1. Supposedly they found Chris Dorner’s ID next to a body that they cannot identify. You’d think if the fire was hot enough to char flesh down to the point where you cannot identify it at the spot, then surely the ID would have been melted/destroyed? Too many contradictions

  4. Whatever, all you guys can disagree with me. All I’m saying is that there is much more to this story than what we know. Call me a liberal call me a commie conservative, i dont care.
    Just respect my opinions.

    1. If there is more to the story let it come out, just don’t ignorantly speculate bs.
      We know this Ex-Cop killed and murdered innocent people and wanted to kill even more, he needed to be stopped, dead or alive.

        1. I hope it’s confirmed it is him, I’m sure the victims he killed their families and the families he threaten to kill were having so much fun.. The people he tied up were had so much fun, owner of the car that was carjacked and wrecked by him had so much fun, owner of the cabin burnt up in flames had so much fun.. All officers and communities on alert trying to catch this murderer were having so much fun… Thank, God the fun is over..

                1. I’ve read all your comments. Try answering a simple question. Is there some justification for police or firemen to further risk their lives for this man’s actions, when he has vowed to kill them if they do?

  5. What I didn’t get was why they didn’t extinguish the fire. Surely Dorner, as a human being whether mentality ill or not, deserve the right to trial. But instead the police let the house burn and Dorner may have possibly died. Supposedly they called of firemen from extinguishing the fire mainly because for their own safety. So why not send choppers with tons of water and extinguish it that way? Too much money? So why set up or set up a plan to use military drones for one man? Somethings not right, and I believe the law enforcement police are responsible for the death of Dorner. If you have the power to save someone despite the fact he deserves Hell, then by all means you have a moral obligation to save him and THEN prosecute him to the fully extent of law.

    1. What about his victims’ right to LIVE????? It’s highly unlikely he was even alive when the house went up in flames. By the time the choppers and tons of water got there, it would have been too late anyway. Dorner is responsible for his own death-HE chose to gun down innocent people. Go away with your anti cop, bleeding heart crap and go over to Huffpo or the Daily Beast.

      1. If you are referring to me, then by all means spill your bullshit. I have my opinions and you have yours, but you have no right to tell me to leave this community because I simply stated my opinions here. And I do not hold anything against the police except the fact that they cannot listen to the law! A million dollar bounty, drones enabled, multiple parties of agencies, manhunt, heat sensors, and yet no chopper. I’m simply saying the police’s motive to find him is to kill him, let alone desecrate his body even if its burned to ash.

      2. And victim’s right to live? Everyone has a right to live, that’s out of the question. I didn’t say Dorner is a vigilante for his conduct, I think he deserves to die and burn in Hell for all that he’s worth. But a law is a law, you can’t outright just kill him/execute him because he allegedly kill law enforcement officers and other people…trial first, find him guilty, kill him. How hard is that if you are that confident that he is guilty of those murders.

        1. And the law clearly gives police officers the OK to kill anyone who is an eminent threat to them or the general public.

          1. I was talking about the fire. From what I heard, it was from the tear gas that ignited the fire. So you’re saying the fire was ignited by Dorner himself? Or are you talking about that single gunshot heard when the fire started? Obviously we won’t know yet until forensic investigation is completed.

            1. I don’t know how the fire was ignited, but assumed it could have been the tear gas, although I don’t KNOW. I’m talking about the single gunshot –

              1. Yeah sure, you can conclude that the single shot was the shot of suicide. But you can also say it was an accidental discharge, or even intentional to throw us off into thinking he did commit suicide. But still the probability of him committing suicide is not that high. I’m not saying that thats not a possibility, I’m just saying we can’t gather and process information based on premise and assumptions.

                1. Yet you do-you assume that the cops and firefighters just let him die. Honestly, if you’ll read my earlier comments, I’m not even believing the guy is dead until the DNA/Dental records prove it – he could have had a hostage–we don’t KNOW anything except what the yapping heads in the media tell us, other than the fact that this guy murdered innocent people. It’s too easy to just say – ok we got him. Until there is proof I’m going to assume he’s holed up somewhere laughing his butt off at putting another one over the cops.

                2. Big difference between “authorities let the cabin burn” and my statement that you assume the authorities “let him die.” I know the authorities let the cabin burn, and I know the why, based on their statements at the time.

    2. The cabin was inflamed it was no point to risk your life for that piece of trash. Plus the fire department was 2 hours away.. Also Dorner said he wasn’t going to be taken alive, he should have turned himself in dumb dumb.

    3. As rvlgds said, what about the victims?? They didn’t deserve to be murdered in cold blood by this lunatic. They had nothing to do with the LAPD and the issues Dorner had with them.

      I hope Dorner died a painful death burning his way to hell. He already cost the taxpayers plenty of money, we don’t need to spend millions more for his lifetime care and for the ACLU to defend him so they could tell us his diapers weren’t changed enough.

      You bleeding heart liberals cry prison reform, police brutality and sh*t, but have no regard for innocent victims or their families. You don’t do anything for the victims, but cause them more anguish.

    4. So put firefighter’s lives at risk, above and beyond what they normally do, to save a man who reveled in his personal war on officers of the LAPD and their families, one that would likely fire on them? Is that what you’re trying to say?

      1. I’m not sure, but I think firefighters assume such risks being one. Plus, the distance from the house and the firechopper should be a safe distance from per se bullets. And no, I’m saying they should have taken the initiative to charge in the cabin when the fire started, and not just stand there and look at the blaze.

        1. Risks involved with fighting fires, yes. Risks involved with a fire fight, no. Firefighting Helos do their drops within 100 ft above their target, so no, it would not have been safe from rifle or even pistol fire at that altitude.

          1. Helos is out of the question now that I was informed that the nearest firehouse is 2 hours away. But prior to this comment, I questioned the police and their actions when the fire ignited. Stand there and enjoy the blaze?

      1. So that justifies police to kill him? The only thing evident towards the justification of burning Dorner is the fact that they are in immediate danger of an armed man. But simply having the suspect assume he’s not going to be alive up to a point does not give police means to kill him.

        1. All he had to do was to walk outside, unarmed, with his hands up, at any time since the beginning.
          Topic closed.

  6. I will not believe this SOB is dead until the body is found in the rubble, DNA/dental work done. There is a allegedly a basement in that cabin, and I suspect an exit somewhere, the perp is a demolitions expert, he could have had a gas mask, among other things, and I’m just not buying that he’s dead- this ain’t over till it’s over!

      1. I thought so too. A horrible way to go but man, I can’t have much sympathy for a murderer who would call and taunt the father of the girl he killed.

  7. FOX and Newsbreakers: Two of the deputies from the shootout earlier today have died.

    Not confirmed by CBS.

    1. 1217 Chic….No need to disparage a beloved fantasy Movie character now….LOL

      Didn’t you really mean FAT A$$???

  8. LOL Mark Levin is airing press conference and when the Cmdr says he hopes Dorner ends this peacefully Mark chimes in “not me I hope they blow him away”

  9. What we are seeing COULD be what law abiding citizens may be involved in sooner rather than later if Guns are banned, which is what is on the way with the registration that is going on now. Look at it this way, a person bought and was able to use a high capacity clip, IS GOING TO BE A CRIMINAL by a stroke of a pen.
    I don’t want to see it come to that, but our government is hell bent on disarming us.

  10. Have they mentioned his left wing political leanings yet?This guy is the poster child for the left.

    1. Oh Surprise….the Leftoid Murderer is being burned to a crisp as we type….

      Gonna be really tough to question him after, about his obsessive Left Love of All things O’Bama , not to mention the corruption of the LAPD….How convenient….

      LOL…and Sam Giancana thought HE had an organization run from Chicago….pfft….you ain’t seen nothin’ yet Sam.. O’Bama’s in control…..

  11. I believe this guy has something on the whole LA police department & this is why they want him dead. I know he has killed some of them buy did he have to as self defense. These cops have been shooting people & breaking into homes without search warrants. Whe is the crook here?

    1. That doesn’t explain his killing the daughter of a cop and then calling the cop to brag about it.

      This man is more likely insane or just given over to evil…made evil by his choices of media, his actions, his thoughts and ideas.

    2. As this is still a free country, sort of, you are entitled to your opinion and free to be wrong!
      Dorner, short of a mental dx. is typical of the entitlement, everybody owes me, and it’s not my fault, thinking that is the cancer of our society.

  12. Who is the bad guy here. Is the whole LA police department crooked? They have been shooting innocent people. They have been entering homes without search warrants. I beleieve this guy has got something on the department. He should be brought in by the FBI as if they are not crooked too.

    1. this guy is a peace of shit and got better than what he deseved, should have let him cook and brought the familys back to roast marshmellows Ha Ha Ha Ha. Good rittens shit bag

  13. Oh well that means all the liberals are praying for this guy to be killed it will be considered a martyr’s death.

      1. A Narcissist is the perfect description of his actions. no concern or care for others, only cares and thinks of himself and will always think he’s the one in the right and everyone else is wrong!! just like my ex-husband!! He is a narcissist and was very, very abusive towards me…and he never excepted blame for anything, just like this guy!!

  14. Wonder how the liberal media will portray their “hero” through all of this. More people are being hurt or killed… and this monster is “honored”?

    If what I’ve heard about this animal is true, I hope they put him down. Pray for protection for these police officers, for the victims and their families, and for the innocent.

    1. Still no mention of his Love of ALL things O’Bama….

      Don’t they have any FLASH BANG grenades??? or are they illegal in Cali?

      btw….we ALL know FOR SURE each and every “ASSUALT Magazine Clip’ held by them Police Occifers can carry no more than 10 rounds….(percussive snort), in compliance with the wise wishes of the “Idiot in Chief”….

      1. “DNA analysis confirms that the shooter found in the burned out cabin was non other than………………Jimmy Hoffa…..long sought after fugitive of the Chicago MOB aka “The Committed Committee to Elect a Future half African American to Turn America to Socialism by 2020” …”Registered & Unionized Tax Exempt NGO Since 1927″….

  15. Anyone with an iPhone or iPod Touch etc get a police scanner app and tune into the CHP broadcast!!! Apparently Dorner used also used smoke grenades when he made his getaway after engaging police!

      1. Same here Joe, a family member was in law enforcement over 30 years and we always had a scanner going in the background.

          1. Well, thank-you, I am now receiving transmissions and the dispatcher said air support is using frequency 123.42, I will try and get it. They now are telling media choppers to stop the live feed.

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