Cornell Belcher on CNN: Herman Cain is a bigot and a racist

This is a rather amusing segment where on the one hand you have Cornell Belcher who doesn’t pull any punches in calling Herman Cain a racist and a bigot for his comments that African-Americans are brainwashed into hating the GOP, and on the other hand you have Ari Fleischer who really doesn’t want to touch the topic because of Belcher’s hyperbole but then has to weigh in due to the length of time they spend on it.

First of all, let me just clarify that Herman Cain didn’t say ALL African Americans have been brainwashed. If you listen to the clip he actually said ‘many African Americans’ and then referred later to 2/3rds of African Americans being brainwashed. Never did he make a blanket statement about all African Americans as Belcher suggested.

And Ari Fleischer is right. It’s not bigoted or racist at all, especially given that Herman Cain is speaking from experiences as a black man. But even more than that, would it be bigoted or racist to say that many Palestinians are brainwashed into hating Jews? No, I’m stating it based on observation just as Cain is making his statement based on observation.

Here’s another fact: brainwashed people often don’t know they are brainwashed.

Here’s the video via Mediaite:

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