Coronavirus vaccine showing very positive signs of success in first human trials

A coronavirus vaccine backed by the government (NIH) is showing positive signs success in their first human trials, so positive that they will start phase 2 of their trials very soon.


What the president of Moderna explains is that phase 1 of testing had 45 patients, divided up into 15 person cohorts, and that each cohort was given a different dose level of the vaccine: a small, medium and large dose.

Out of those 45 patients, the first two cohorts of 30 patients showed that they could create the same amount or more antibodies in their blood as someone who actually had the virus and recovered.

They then tested 8 of those patients to see if the vaccine antibodies would actually go to the next level and prevent infection, and all of them showed that they would.

The president said that they were quite pleased with the breadth of the immune response and that in phase 2, which he said would start any day now, they will expand their patient size to 600. In these 600 they will be trying to confirm that they have the “right idea of the dose where they will see protective immunity” and that they vaccine continues to be safe for all the patients.

Watch the video for more. Or you can read Moderna’s announcement from today which goes into far more detail.

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