Court orders NEW SENTENCING for Rand Paul’s neighbor who ASSAULTED him!

This is bizarre, but also something most of us thought when the event happened. A court has vacated the sentence for Rand Paul’s attacker and wants him re-sentenced.

The Hill: A federal appeals court on Monday vacated a 30-day prison sentence for a neighbor of Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) who assaulted him in 2017, ruling it was overly lenient and ordering a resentencing.

In a 16-page opinion, Judge Jane B. Stranch of the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, writes that the lower court where Rene Boucher pleaded guilty to assaulting a member of Congress had “no compelling justification” for sentencing him far below federal guidelines.

“Federal defendants with a criminal history category of I [the lowest possible level] who were convicted of assault received an average sentence of 26 months’ imprisonment and a median sentence of 21 months,” the ruling states, citing data. “We therefore VACATE Boucher’s sentence and REMAND for resentencing.”

Yeah, I mean, he assaulted a frickin’ U.S. Senator! There has always been something weird with this case and the non-sensical motivation assigned to the attacker. Some have theorized that politics had more to do with it, after all, who tackles a neighbor over yard waste?

At the very least, he won’t get away with a slap on the wrist.

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37 thoughts on “Court orders NEW SENTENCING for Rand Paul’s neighbor who ASSAULTED him!

  1. I had stated that it seemed awfully lenient. Good, a little time inside will give him time to think about what he did. I believe that it was political.

    1. The neighbor (retired doctor) was a socialist (according to the Daily Mail), but based on comments by other neighbors (all friendly to Paul), the dispute was about trees in Paul’s back lot blocking the view of the lake from the attacker’s house. The attacker, who divorced his former secretary/wife had been trying to sell the house for 10 years.

      Based on what I read, I think the guy is maybe a little touchy, especially about that house. When somebody finally agreed to buy the house (for over 25% less than original list), but backed out, the attacker sued the would-be buyer.

      Anyway, he blamed Paul for the trees blocking his view, thereby devaluing his house and preventing him from being able to sell it. …so a 59 year old did a running tackle from behind of a 54 year old, who we all know is pretty small. I couldn’t find anything on size of the attacker.

  2. It was my understanding the guy agreed to plead guilty in return for a lenient sentence. To vacate the lenient sentence would logically remove the incentive for him to plead guilty as well, yes?

    Also, hasn’t he served his 30 days? Is it not double jeopardy to re-sentence after he’s served his time?

    1. That’s curious because somebody had to bring the appeal.

      I looked it up and according to the Washington Times, federal prosecutors brought the appeal. The original sentencing was done by the trial judge. Federal guidelines for such an attack are 28 months and the average sentence is 21 months.

  3. “Yeah, I mean, he assaulted a frickin’ U.S. Senator!”

    The Senator part is actually not what bothers me most. I can just imagine some jerk neighbor putting me in the hospital with the distinct possibility of death, forcing me to have a portion of my lung removed, basically crippling me from being able to participate in vigorous exercise for the rest of my life. That neighbor needs some hard time in serious prison. He should be civilly sued for everything he has.

    1. There was a civil suit.

      According to the appeals court, the trial judge erred in giving a lenient sentence due to the attacker’s “education, professional success, and standing in the community.” So, instead of a harsher sentence for attacking an elected official, the guy was given only given a slap on the wrist because he’s a well connected doctor.

      …more evidence of a multi-tier justice system.

      FWIW, federal guidelines for a first time offender are 28 months in prison, with 21 months being the average sentence.

  4. Shouldn’t matter that he’s a senator. If you commit assault against anyone and proven guilty, you should get the same sentence regardless of who you’re.

    1. Federal sentencing guidelines for a person without a record are 28 months in prison, with 21 months being the average sentence.

      The trial judge decided to reduce it to 30 days due to the attackers “education, professional success, and standing in the community”.

      Ironic, it’s not that an attack on a senator is being elevated, it’s that a retired doctor is being given a pass because he’s well known.

  5. Who cares if he’s a senator. Or a celebrity. Or any other aristo class.

    Punching Rand Paul should be considered legally no different than punching Miley Cyrus or my next door neighbor. No special treatment based on social status.

  6. Rand has pull….regular folk would be lucky to see anything happen to him. And just cause he’s a Senator, shouldn’t make a difference. Glad the guy will pay but wished this would apply to everyone….it doesn’t.

  7. Wow, appellate courts almost never vacate a sentence for substantive unreasonableness, especially when the argument is that the sentence is too lenient.

    (The sixth circuit is definitely the most “active” when it comes to applying substantive unreasonableness, but they still have a pretty light hand about it.)

    1. Surely, pulling the trigger on an empty cylinder while playing Russian roulette with my children is worth more jail time than that?

  8. He almost killed him from what I read. He should get years for attempted murder if true. I read the media downplayed how severe Mr. Paul’s injuries really were. Probably true since the liberal media hates anyone not socialist Democrat.

  9. Federal Guidelines for the offense is 28 months and the average is 21 months. The Clinton appointed judge gave the miscreant just 30 days. Even the Federal guidelines don’t seem nearly enough for the damage the lunatic did to Rand Paul.

  10. With the earlier sentance, I did at least have some hope of smacking around Swalwell and getting out in reasonable time.

  11. On the one hand, the fact that Rand is a Senator shouldn’t matter in this puny 30 day sentence. The extent of his injuries was enough to justify a much harsher sentence, no matter who the victim was.

    But then again, the fact that Rand IS a Senator and this perp had a political, not personal grudge against him (I assume that’s correct, right?) made Rand a specific target, so that does make it worse.

  12. The Judge who sentenced him to 30 days or so, should be investigated for some kind of corruption, whether bribe or something else. It’s ridiculous.

  13. I hope Rand got an order of protection against his neighbor that exceeds the outer property line of his neighbors house, forcing him to move out

    1. Rand got an order of protection that he can conceal carry anywhere in DC, and in his home state. This was the second time Rand found himself on the receiving end of leftist violence wit the intent to kill him. I suspect he’ll be shooting back now.

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