Covid Hypocrite Gavin Newsom eats in restaurant HE bans from indoor dining, gets CAUGHT by… HIM?

Nobody ever accused Gavin Newsom of being a genius. Literally nobody. Ever. Has ever ever accused him of that. Not even him. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t do other things to himself. Like, for example, catching himself violating his rules over indoor dining. Which is what he seems to have done here. Sad.

See the Gov. of the failing California police state that won’t let churches have church but lets Hollywood have swanky craft services outside of shuttered restaurants is a TikTok user because of course he is. And he posted a video to TikTok of himself eating a privately owned business, a restaurant, that is prohibited from indoor dining.


His office denies that he consumed food there, but come on.

Oh by the way he was with a Hollywooder. Go figure.

Did they or didn’t they, people ask for some reason, knowing they did.

What’s the argument, that they sat indoors at the restaurant for an hour breathing all over but didn’t put food in their mouths so it’s fine? Did they have coffee? Water? Who are they trying to kid? Or to put it another way, if you think they can sit inside for an hour at a table chatting and having drinks but not pretzel bread and therefore it’s Covid immune, aren’t you an idiot? Or aren’t your measure lies?

There’s also a second video. Here’s more from Fox.

In early November, Newsom was spotted dining at the posh French Laundry in Napa for the birthday of a longtime adviser. Indoor dining was not open to the public in Napa. Newsom earned bitter backlash for the outing, which he later called “a mistake.”

“I should have stood up and … drove back to my house…The spirit of what I’m preaching all the time was contradicted,” he said. ” I need to preach and practice, not just preach.”

Newsom said in his apology that he wanted to “own” his mistake because he worried it would undermine the message of safety he wanted to send to residents.

“I’m doing my best every single day in trying to model better behavior,” he said.

The genius is facing a recall effort. Let’s hope it works out.

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