Cowardly Chuck Schumer says Tucker invited him on his show, then uses invite to attack Tucker

Schmucky Chucky Schumer tweeted today that Tucker Carlson invited him on his show today to debate a letter he sent Fox News about ‘replacement theory’, where Schumer told Rupert Murdoch to stop recklessly amplifying the theory.

But instead of being a man, accepting the invitation and defending his position, Schumer used the invitation to publicly attack Carlson:

Schumer is such jerk. Everyone knows that Democrats are using the border as a way to turn the country into a socialist republic. They want more and more non-white voters imported all around the country from the southern border, especially in red states, so they can try and turn them all blue and then get ‘elected’ in super majorities and rule this country with an iron fist.

Honestly, this isn’t really about race at all, it’s about ideology. But it just so happens that the people Democrats want to replace are ‘white’ Republicans and the people coming across our border are ‘brown’ people Democrats think they can bribe into being Democrats for life. That’s what this is all about.

And this shooting in Buffalo is really only a pretext to attack Fox News and Tucker Carlson. Democrats like Chuck Schumer, who feign outrage at the thought that he’d be part of something like this, know that if they ever want to convert this country into their socialist paradise they have to destroy the opposition media companies that expose them. Schumer and his ilk don’t really care about the people who were gunned down by this racist shooter or the fact that it was a racist attack. They only care about how they can use it to vilify and destroy their enemies, and Fox News is most certainly one of the biggest.

Also just to make the point, how cowardly it is for Schumer to stand on ‘principle’ but, when he’s challenged on his assertions, is too afraid to go and defend his position. Is he afraid being exposed for the fraud he truly is? Yes, I think that’s absolutely the case.

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