Crazy-eyed Ocasio-Cortez FLIPS OUT over insult on Twitter, after THREATENING Trump JR!

This is just bizarre. SO yesterday we posted on Ocasio-crazy-eyes threatening Trump Jr. with a subpoena. But the drama didn’t end there. 

She freaked out over some troll tossing insults at her too:

He deleted his tweet, but she had snapped a screenshot, which she does often.

This guy just seems like a troll, but I can’t help but notice that every criticism against her is called “misogyny” or some other liberal insult. This is why I try to reserve cursing for only the most extreme cases – just tossing them out all the time gives the left a chance to scream bigotry or whatever, and cover up their more insane extremes.

Like, for instance, what she said to Trump Jr. 

Here’s the original interaction that led to her flipping out:

Mao-xandria Ocasio-Commie threatened Trump Jr. because he annoyed her on social media. 

Here’s what junior posted on Instagram that got Ocasio-Commie so upset:

Musta got under her skin. 

This is even MORE insane when you consider how the left has been crapping their panties at the slightest action that Trump takes, and screaming that he’s a fascist. Isn’t threatening to abuse the power of Congress to target a political opponent kinda fit the definition of fascism?

Don’t think too hard, the answer is yes. 

Right-wing twitter jumped all over Ocasio-Cortez over it, and she quickly had to deny that this was a threat. 

BUT this is absolutely idiotic. If you tell someone that you’re gonna get your 10 friends and beat them senseless, you can’t then deny it’s a threat because you’re one person and you need 9 other people to do it. 

That she can’t do something incredibly unethical by herself in no way undermines the fact that it is incredibly unethical. 

Again and again Ocasio-Commie continues to show how unbelievably stupid she is, and liberals through their worship of her show how willing they are to follow a complete dolt just because it suits their agenda. 

Glad we don’t have people like that on our side. #MAGA!!!

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