[CRAZY VIDEO] A triggered ‘karen’ confronts CVS store manager for calling cops on two black shoplifters

This conversation is truly amazing and representative of just how backwards people in our society are becoming. Just watch:

This ‘karen’ is literally upset that this CVS store manager called the cops on two black people who shoplifted in his store. Why? Because she says this store manager risked their lives by calling the cops. Seriously.

The store manager indicated that he’s actually following CVS policy, a policy which is 100% reasonable and correct. And even though the policy calls for pressing charges against shoplifters, he opted not to do that, only demanding that they not return to his store. But this ‘karen’, who has clearly bought into the anti-cop lies of Black Lives Matter, says these two black shoplifters could have lost their lives and accuses the store manager of ‘eliciting violence’ on them.

The exasperated store manager responds by explaining that the police officer let them go even though one of them had a warrant. No one was harmed and the two shoplifters got to walk away. But the reality of the situation doesn’t matter to this ‘karen’. She’s just upset that this manager called the cops in the first place and ‘risked’ the lives of these black shoplifters. Absolute insanity.

Ben Shapiro tweeted “If you disagree with anything this clerk says, you should be institutionalized.” 100% correct.

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