CREEPY: Reporter wants to know when Biden will reconsider national ‘QR code’ or ‘PASSPORT’ to ‘help VERIFY’ VACCINATION

Mark of the … what, now? Vaccine QR codes is a really terrible idea, OBVIOUSLY. But not so terrible that the media won’t keep bringing it up over and over hoping Biden will just go ahead and do it.

After all, he is at the Democrat stage of presidency where he can literally say something is unconstitutional and won’t survive a judge but he’s going to do it anyway because why the hell not?

So why not branding everybody with QR codes to make them prove they are worth participation in human society, right? RIGHT??

That’s what Weijia Jiang wants to know about, anyway. “Now that more entities are requiring more vaccines, is the administration reconsidering something like a QR code or a passport to help verify people’s vaccination status?” she asks. “And if not, what are you doing to stop the proliferation of fake vaccine cards?”

“There are a number of ways people can demonstrate their vaccination status,” answers White House covid czar Jeff Zients. “Companies and organizations and the government are taking different approaches. We applaud this innovation.”

“There will be no federal vaccination database,” he claims. “As with all other vaccines the data gets held at the state and local level.”


Sara Carter breaks down the BUT:

Yet he didn’t dismiss the idea entirely, suggesting that local entities could test it out. Zients himself said he would support it as long as it met “key standards, including affordability, being available both digitally and on paper and importantly protecting people’s privacy and security.”

Carter notes the news from San Francisco that leans definitely towards the QR future, not away from.

Gettin’ awful close to Biblical out there, ain’t it? These trial balloons will turn into rallying cries for the dictatorial left soon enough.

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