Criminals attack border, cut new wall with saws so they can keep smuggling, libs and media think it’s HILARIOUS

The Washington Post reported on Saturday that smugglers and gangs have been using cordless reciprocating saws to cut through the new sections of border wall (you know, the wall they keep saying he isn’t building?) in order to continue smuggling drugs and guns and people into the United States illegal and in furtherance of their criminal enterprises.


Oh wait, it’s NOT?? Well you could have fooled every reporter and liberal. Because they think it’s ah-maz-ing and are unleashing their love and snotty snark over it.

What is amazing is the argument they are making. They are admitting he’s building the wall, they are admitting people are so committed to entering the country illegally for CRIMINAL purposes that they are breaching the wall, and their response is “humans will find a way” or “ha ha told you that he couldn’t stop them.”

So the dedication to lawlessness at the border is so strong you “knew” a wall wouldn’t help, and you’re saying that’s NOT a crisis?????

Also, these are the same people who want to ban guns and scoff if you say criminals will buy guns anyway.

They are arguing to surrender. They say they aren’t, but that is literally the ONLY way to read it. They are saying you can’t stop the DRUG AND SMUGGLING gangs so GIVE UP.

And worse, they’re pleased as PUNCH about it. Because Orange Man Bad. They’re cheering it.

You know who had the best comment? This guy.

Yep. No **** guys.

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