CRINGE: Excruciating supercut of Kamala Harris raving like a lunatic about Venn diagrams

This is just brutal. Kamala Harris is really excited about Venn diagrams. I mean, like, really really jazzed, y’all. Over the moon.

And she talks about it a lot. One of the reasons Kamala babbles and cackles is that her mind is usually blank and she has to fill in what would other be long gaps of silence as the gears tried to work up there.

So she has filler noise options. The cackle. The “umm.” Repeating herself. And apparently, Venn diagram fandom.

I mean it’s just weird. She is a weirdo. The leftist Democrats on Bill Maher last night called her “off-putting.” That’s an understatement but it helps build the Venn diagram of Kamala.

Weird, awkward, off-putting.


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