CRISIS: Taliban holding flights HOSTAGE and making DEMANDS of BIDEN admin. AS predicted.

The Taliban knows when they have someone at their mercy. That’s an instinct that criminals and terrorists have honed and refined, and their tells them the same thing that any objective analyst could tell you: Biden is their b**ch.

The Taliban is refusing to let charter flights with international passenger lists depart from the country until the White House meets their demands.

That’s CBS reporting that. And there’s more:

SIX DAYS is a big deal. And don’t think for a SECOND the nature of the NGO doesn’t play a part in the Taliban’s choice of hostage.

Make no mistake, this is a hostage crisis. A VERY predictable one that pretty much everyone predicted except for Biden and his team of idiots. I am going to say again that if this were the Trump administration they would be making A HUGE DEAL out of this.

But with Biden? So far the State Department’s response is “tough beans.”

Well that’s what the Biden admin is saying to the NGOs and allies. To the press? They say what they always say:

Nothing. Nothing at all.

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