CRUZ: Democrats want to PERSECUTE Christians because of partisan desire to MANDATE gay marriage everywhere

Ted Cruz weighed in tonight on the RFRA outrage in the country, choosing not to second guess Gov. Mike Pence. But he affirmed his support for RFRA, pointing it out that this country was founded on people fleeing persecution.

He also didn’t shy away from what is really going on here:

And here’s what’s happened. Which is it used to be there was a bipartisan consensus. We’d defend the civil liberties of Americans, even those we disagreed with. We defended the religious liberty of people to seek out other faiths, faith different than our own, because that’s what this nation was built on.

Unfortunately the modern Democratic Party has elevated extreme partisanship and in particular this is all part and parcel over the fight over gay marriage. And because of their partisan desire to mandate gay marriage everywhere in this country, they also want to persecute anyone that has a good faith religious belief that marriage is a holy sacrament between the union of one man and one woman and ordained as a covenant by God.

He goes on to call out the fortune 500 companies that he says are running shamelessly to endorse the radical gay marriage agenda over religious liberty and also points out that many in the Republican Party are terrified of this issue.

Watch the full clip below:

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