CRUZ smacks ABRAMS for shameful, ridiculous, perfectly hypocritical PHOTO she shared and DELETED

One thing we can know for dang sure in this story you’re about to read about is that no democrat or liberal is ever going to know, or admit to knowing, the actual thing wrong with Abrams’s now deleted but lives forever pic of herself maskless with a bunch of masked kids.

They will try and say every kind of excuse for how there’s no conflict, no hypocrisy, it’s just evil republicans taking taking advantage of the appearance of the photo to be dishonest.

They will say she is vaxxed. They will say this was the protocol. They will say it was just for the photo. They will say she was facing away from the kids. They will say things about mask use that they think make logical sense.


WE cannot say that “I don’t need a mask for this reason” because THEY will freak out. TED CRUZ cannot take off his mask at a funeral to talk without being bashed on CNN for three days, but ABRAMS can in a room full of kids and WHY? Because the rules … well let’s let Ted tell ya why.

That’s not just general in Ted Cruz’s case. If that were a pic of him the left AND the press would be going ballistic. They aren’t because it’s Stacey Abrams. Because the rules aren’t rules, they’re a bludgeon to be used on Republicans and not Democrats.

They’re to punish parents and children, not loser politicians.

The original tweet of that photo was from the school’s principal, and it was retweeted by Stacey Abrams. But Abrams deleted that retweet, and the principal deleted her entire Twitter account.

Because even though the media and blue checks gave them a pass, the rest of us didn’t. And that’s why we can never stop taking them on WHERE THEY LIVE, including at Twitter.

Feel free to talk about that or anything else below, because you can…

Consider this an OPEN THREAD.

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