‘CRY ABOUT IT!’ San Francisco ANTIFA animals TAUNT and BEAT black man in broad daylight for supporting FREE SPEECH

Just like every single day everywhere else in America, Saturday saw ANTIFA/BLM violence in San Francisco that will go unreported by CNN.

At an event in support of Free Speech in America, organized by Team Save America, the supporters of our First Amendment were surrounded, intimidated, and attacked by the totalitarian forces of the intolerant left.

At one point the Free Speech event organizer Phillip Anderson was attacked and had his teeth LITERALLY knocked out. As the appalling scene unfolds, listen especially to the taunts from the gathered lunatics. “Cry about it,” screeches one shrill lefty in full Karen voice.

The rally was organized as a protest against Twitter for silencing the PRESS.

So to be completely clear: Leftwing Biden supporters attacked a free speech rally supporting the free press, and beat up a black man as they taunted him.

That man isn’t going to give up his speech so easily, though, and he has a message for the candidate those attackers support.

Come on, Joe. Tell us what you think about this.

While we wait for Joe to not do that, here’s more video. A dozen or more pro-free speech and pro-Trump people were attacked and injured.

It happened all through the event.

Biden supporting ANTIFA jackbooted thugs really hate free speech.

Keep saying ANTIFA doesn’t exist, CNN. When they finally turn their attention to you as members of the capitalist media, don’t come crying to us.

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