CT Gun Control legislation will cost the state 1.7 billion in lost revenue

Colt President and CEO Dennis Veilleux issued this warning to CT Democratic Governor Malloy who is putting Colt’s business at risk with his mindless gun control measures. Note to Democrats like Malloy: Guns are inanimate objects. Guns don’t kill people by themselves. It is the person using the weapon that is the problem, not the object. Keeping firearms out of the hands of criminals and those adjudicated to be mentally ill should be the object of any thoughtful legislation. Legislation by emotion is the hallmark of an irrational person. Taking leave of common sense, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy says that “with or without bipartisan consensus”, he intends to ban the Colt AR-15.

Colt President and CEO Dennis Veilleux – As a result Colt, as well as other Connecticut manufacturers such as Mossberg and Stag Arms will see immediate erosion in brand strength and market share as customers migrate to manufacturers in more supportive states. This will have consequences for dozens of Connecticut companies and thousands of workers. Connecticut will have put its firearms manufacturing industry in jeopardy: one that contributes $1.7 billion annually to the state’s economy.

This is the current ad campaign being run by Colt, Mossurg, and Stag Arms recently warning CT residents of the harm to the economy if Governor Malloy’s legislation passes.

They must not have COMCAST or COX in CT huh?

Breibart – Further alienating gun manufacturers in the Nutmeg State, the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) recently rescinded an offer for Bushmaster Firearms to move its headquarters from North Carolina to Stamford.


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42 thoughts on “CT Gun Control legislation will cost the state 1.7 billion in lost revenue

  1. “God made man, but Samuel Colt made them equal .”  
    This is the bane of all liberal/socialist/progressives. With their elitist ‘I know best’ attitudes the last thing they want is for those they see as inferior to have any semblance of power or equality. In their eyes, the hoi polloi should meekly obey and offer no opposition to their subjugation (it’s like the mindset of the royalty of the middle ages). They would be ecstatic if all of the US gun manufacturers closed up shop so if one or two move out of their backyard they’ll rejoice and consider it a good thing even though it’s comparable to cutting off one’s own nose to spite one’s face. Freedom in America will never die as long as all Americans are allowed to own and carry firearms of their choice and the socialist utopia that they are attempting to foist on us will never become a reality. The final showdown is coming, so be aware, be prepared, keep your powder dry and lock and load.

  2. I’m a recent economic/political refugee from IL and I wrote to my new Gov. Branstad and encouraged him to get IL mfg’s like Rock River Arms and Springfield to move across the river. Colt is welcome in Iowa, too.

  3. We need to practice state of choice. Like school of choice, the best will survive. Let these states die their economic deaths!

  4. It’s so refreshing to see businesses actually stand up for a change and push back against government. They find playing with the Devil gets them burnt.

  5. Well I hope Colt and any other gun manufacturers move out of every flippin dumbass democRat state.

    But the real problem is the voters that vote these IDIOTS into office.  Ultimately the blame lays with them.  Or should that be lies???

  6. Liberals don’t even try to refute the argument that gun restrictions have no effect on crime.  It’s time for gun owners to understand that liberals probably know it and that’s why they don’t defend their position with anything that comes close to logic or reason.  We are left with only one inescapable conclusion.  They know they aren’t doing anything about crime.  They don’t care.  They hate guns and law-abiding gun owners and they want to stick their thumbs in our eye.  That’s all they are doing, they know it, and they like it.
    So if they are willing to enable criminals, to give criminals the ability to out gun law abiding citizens, we must ask whose side are they on?  Not the side of the law abiding gun owners, that’s for sure.
    That means they are also not on the side of law abiding citizens who do not own guns.  If no one has a gun, criminals know that.  If some have a gun criminals don’t know who has a gun a who doesn’t, so those who don’t have guns benefit because others do.

  7. Colt should just cut their losses and move to Texas. At least they will be able to conduct proper business there for generations to come and nobody will bother them. It is Washington they really have to worry about, not Connecticut.

  8. Well folks, they’ve already proven their ignorance knows no bounds as they’ve already done this tot he nuclear power industry. Knowing full well that nuclear power is much cheaper than anything else out there, they in fact would rather pay a much higher rate for ineffectual energy sources because it makes them “feel good”.
    The ignorance of low information voters is beyond the pail.

      1. libertifirst warpmine I’m not so sure with the initial investment and all. Back in the days of huge government projects, sure, but today you couldn’t get them done with the wacko green Nazi police running around bitching about some fish.
        If you haven’t already, research something called LFTR. After reading and viewing the various literature and videos, you’ll certainly be pissed that our government purposely led us down a path that wouldn’t allow us to change direction.
        MD is going the wacko route by passing a bill that requires a $1.50/month tax on residential electric bills to fund offshore windmill generators. It’s only another $18 per year and since so many are on the government’s dole already, many of that will be swept under the carpet. Raising gas tax this year to because the theiving democrats, sorry, I mean DemonRats have raided the transportation fund again and again. The taxes were suppose to be used to maintain highways and bridges but that’s not what they were used for so now they’ve come after your wallet once again. The low information types don’t care to listen to what’s actually going on because they know the high prices are exclusively the fault of the “greedy big oil” companies. Funny watching them bitch at the high price yet none have a clue as to why.

        1. warpmine libertifirst Out here in the west they are dismantling hydro-electric just as they are coal power in this country. There is no doubt in my mind anymore that they are shutting this country down. There is no industrial boom coming to save us in the future. Once the currency issues catch up with us, it is all over. We will be one with Mexico.

        2. libertifirst warpmine Little doubt. It will be similar the “The Last Chase” movie(1981) except the tech will be slightly different.

        3. I’ve been noticing that too! There is nothing coming in to replace what is going away. Consolidating every industry they can to a few which can be easily controlled or shut down all together. It is happening out in the open, in front of the public whom they despise and are exacting revenge.

  9. idiocy & hypocricay = normal behavior for a liberal extremist democrat
    … and its just another excuse to raise taxes – a holy precept of the religion of the liberal extremist

  10. Colt and Stag, Idaho would love to have your business. Move to Post Falls Id and bring the good folks who work in your plants now with you.

    1. Yes, move to Idaho but leave the present workers there.  They also helped make CT what it is…they can stay and help straighten it out instead of importing more liberal thinkers to Idaho.  Idaho is a right to work state anyway, CT workers wouldn’t like it.

  11. I am currently trapped in CT because I cannot sell my home. My advice is, get out as fast as you can. This state is going down the same road as Chicago. It is run by left wing Marxist activist who have no clue as to the consequence of the failed policies they impose. Its as if they have blinders on while walking into a burning building. They wont realise it until they are completely engulfed in flames, then it will be too late.

  12. Don’t run, stay and fight! 
    File massive law suits against the Gov like the leftist did to Sarah Palin in Alaska! Put the Gov and his supporters on the defense, destroy and expose the communist, bankrupt them, make their lives miserable!
    If everyone runs each time they’re attacked the left wins. There are only so many places to run to, and that number is shrinking! 
    Time to take the SOB’s to the wood shed and show them how free people react when they’re threaten by those wishing to control them. Don’t just put them on the run, hunt them down an end the war!!!

  13. The governor like most Democrats is a fool because he doesn’t care about anyone or anything other than ideology. What I see in future is 2 countries; the North US and South US, with the South looking like America and the North like Greece. Since I am north of the Mason Dixon line I will be looking to move below it.

  14. Where are the ammo makers? Guns are nothing but paperweights without ammo regardless of whose hands they are in.

    Folks stop pressuring gun makers to stop sales/ service etc to anti-2A states and federal agencies and start pressuring the ammo makers to stop. They hold the keys to this entire debate, and their silence is becoming increasingly concerning.

    1. SavingtheRepublicdotcom Winchester was closing its East Alton, IL plant and moving it to their Mississippi location but due to demand, it’s still running 24/7. They just can’t keep up with the panic buying right now.

  15. I hope all the gun manufacturers follow suit. If these states want to become lawless and insane, let them. Move the the gun manufacturers to gun-friendly (i.e., sane) states where they won’t be persecuted.
    Ironically, this is yet another war – a war on America and on freedom. I hope these gun makers help us combat this sickness by these small-minded prigs.

  16. Idiotic congressional actions and equally idiotic actions by the governor are proof positive that elections have consequences.  Liberal (and everybody else) reap what the liberals sow.

  17. I think the issue is less about where they are manufactured, but what they manufacture.  If CT bans a best selling product from one of its own manufacturers, then sales will obviously be adversely impacted.  The point that I get out of this is that CT is shooting itself in the foot by banning its own source of tax revenue.  What a bunch of dummies.

    1. PicklePlants And these states always think businesses won’t move because of the expense. Take notice Governors and Legislatures, states are offering tax breaks to move and the moving expenses reduce income tax liabilities. Suck it up CT, hope Colt moves.  If they do, I will buy one and tell them it’s because they made a wise decision.

  18. If push comes to shove, just pull up pegs and move the company to a more gun friendly state.  Put on a letter and ad telling the people in CT that thanks to officials THEY elected, X amount of people have now just lost their jobs.  The State has lost a strong tax revenue and the Dems are going to raise their taxes to make up for that shortfall, etc.  Elections have consequences remind them.

  19. Gun manufacturers should all move to Texas or another state which allows citizens to use firearms to protect themselves from gangsters and home invaders.

    1. Isaiah 54 One area of MT just passed conceal and carry w/o permit within their jurisdiction.

  20. I hope the gun manufacturers all move to a more gun friendly state such as the manufacturer in Colorado is in the process of doing right now.

  21. Hopefully Senator Blumenthal won’t say that he will be sorry to see them go cause when he was over in the Nam, he really appreciated his Colt gun thing or something.

      1. PertyMouthParks SheerPolitics I would love to move there but the illegal alien population and an unsecured border is a problem, plus the influx of libs from CA

    1. SheerPolitics Rick Perry may already be on this bu  just in case t if you have his email send him this

  22. Producers are going to have to go the Atlas Shrugged route, and just refuse to buckle to federal pressure. If that means shutting their doors, laying off countless people and destroying our economy- so be it. People need to learn that voting for idiots negatively effects everyone’s lives.

    1. PertyMouthParks Hopefully they will leave CT and leave their liberal employees behind. Elections do have consequences and people need to start feeling the effects of their stupid choices.

      1. OneThinDime PertyMouthParks I’m not angry at politicians anymore. I’m disgusted with 46% of my fellow brothers and sisters for embracing Marxism in this wonderful country.

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