Dad chases down man stealing car with his kids inside, catches him, beats him to DEATH, caught on video

This is amazing. A car thief and would-be kidnapper in Philadelphia is dead this week, after messing with the wrong dang dad.

NBC in Philly reported on the story Friday. So a 25-year-old mom had stopped her car and hopped out, outside a pizza joint. She had three young ones in the car. Then this thief, who police identified as Eric Hood, a 54-year-old scumbag, jumped in and took off with the car.

That’s with the kids still in it. Three of them, aged 7 months to 5 years.

The dad, who worked at the pizza place, took off after the car on foot. And he caught it. Here’s more, from NBC10.

The kids’ father then pulled him out of the car and beat Hood as other bystanders in the area joined the attack, according to investigators.

Medics responded to the scene and found the car thief unconscious with severe injuries to the head and face. Hood was taken to Temple University Hospital and pronounced dead shortly after 10 p.m.

The kids were safe and unharmed, and although the dad was taken into custody, he has not been charged. The piece of garbage didn’t fare quite so well, obviously.

The beating was caught on video and shared to Instagram, by the way. NBC10 has some (not too graphic) clips.

So yeah, tough break. Maybe don’t steal a car full of babies and toddlers, next time.

Oh right, there won’t be a next time.

The kicker? According to police, NBC reports, Hood had “at least 24 prior arrests and convictions.”


Maybe just give the dad a medal and move on.

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71 thoughts on “Dad chases down man stealing car with his kids inside, catches him, beats him to DEATH, caught on video

  1. Looking for witnesses please come forward and talk to Police. RIIIGHT. Nothing to see here folks, move along. Another creep removed from the Gene pool. Good work citizens of Philly.

  2. The dumbass mother needs to be charged with Reckless Endangerment, for leaving three babies in a car with its engine running!

  3. I can understand being lit up in the heat of the moment, so I’ll give dad a pass – but not the mob who joined in. That was wrong.

    I appreciate how appalling the situation is, but the goal shouldn’t be loss of life.

    This, on the other hand, is a complete breakdown of our criminal justice system:

    “at least 24 prior arrests and convictions.”

    This only encourages criminals to commit more crime. If they know there are no real consequences, they begin acting with impunity.

    I’m also curious as to whether drugs were involved.

    1. I agree. It’s not our business to go around meting-out vigilante death sentences, even to irredeemable scumbags. Can we do it to moderate scumbags? How about someone who slips-up once? What limits are there? Those young kids went through enough trauma; but the mob had to give them a front row seat watching someone get beaten to death — how will witnessing that affect them through life?

    2. If the courts are not going to keep scumbags like this one in prison, you are going to see more vigilante justice. It’s just going to get worse with “Criminal Justice Reform.”

      The social contract in this court is that the people give up their right to revenge and vigilante justice in return for the government administering a fair and just Justice system. The government is not holding up its end of the bargain much of the time. No wonder people are starting to seek their own justice.

  4. An unarmed blaque man was murdered. He did not get his day in court…. a cop shot…. wait, what? he was beaten to death by a mob of blaque men… I thought blaque LEyez Matered?

  5. If they charge him, it wont be murder. And the most he will get is probation, if that. No jury will convict the guy. Rightfully so. He’s protecting his kids. Anything goes in a situation like that.

    1. I think it would qualify as a “crime of passion” and, yeah at most it would be probation…but I can’t imagine a sane judge giving him that sentence. Good on the guy for saving his kids.

  6. You can’t blame the guy. Kidnapping children, you cast your fate to the wind. Especially in the City of Brotherly Love.

    1. The punk had 24 prior arrests and convictions,he picked on the wrong family.Did you notice the headline on the newscast only said car thief beaten to death instead of kidnapper.

      1. Nope, I missed that. Too bad, but people who have that type of lifestyle tend to have rather shorter lives.

  7. What? I didn’t see nuthin. This dad just saved the state a lot of money.

    BTW – logging on to Disqus just to make a comment is a now a pain in the A$$.

  8. the thief and kidnapper would still be alive today if he was given stiff consequences at the beginning of his life of crime. I say bring back the chain gang, eliminate a/c, cable, weight rooms, all entertainment. make them not want to go back. also the woman is a lazy a$$ moron

  9. Not sure how the legal system will deal with the bystanders that joined in. Might not be so lenient with them. I suppose it will be based in a large part what the video shows.

  10. This is a good example of why toxic masculinity is total bs. This was masculinity at its finest. A man protecting his family!

  11. First of all, glad the thief and child stealer is dead… but who in their right mind “hops out of a car” and leaves their kids sitting there in Philly?! That’s asking for trouble. Also, I hope the father who killed the bastard is not charged, tried and convicted just because he is a father who loves his kids and chose to save them. Such devotion seems to be rare these days, so he’s a hero in my book.

  12. I am a retired LEO and what happened here in NOT a good thing. A mob is not who gets to make the decision to dispense lethal force. Deadly force can only be used if you are ACTIVELY protecting your own life, or the life of someone else. The man stealing the car was not killed in order to stop him from fleeing. The killing of the man was done after the fact, while the children were out of harms way. The people who killed him, including the father, should be charged to the full extent of the law. As a side note, it is highly probable that the man had mental issues. Was the car a Rolls Royce? Unlikely, as the father worked in a pizza place. Does a sane person steal a carload of kids for kicks? Was he going to hold them for ransom from Pizza-Dad? He was 54 years old, not some teenaged joyrider. This is why everyone, not just who we choose, is entitled to due process. When people act as jury and executioner, it puts us all at risk. Take a look at what happens in South American countries if you want a preview of what it leads to.

    1. Apparently you’re not a parent, for if you were you’d feel differently! The car thief took off with dad’s most precious possessions! He deserved what he got! After 24 previous convictions proves he’s a repeat offender, but this time met with the wrong dude! Now he can’t hurt anyone EVER again! One less criminal in society is a good thing!

      1. i feel the car thief got exactly what is right. leave your paws off of other people’s property especially their children.

    2. i would agree with you IF the Criminal Justice system were doing its job. Often it does not, as in this case where the perp had 24 prior arrests and convictions. Unfortunately, with “Criminal Justice Reform” all the rage, it is only going to get worse.

      Vigilante justice is not the answer but neither is the government consistently putting predators back on the street. If the government continues to do and we continue to regress into a jungle society, vigilante justice starts to look more and more attractive.

      Cops, prosecutors and legislatures need to start doing their jobs and get these animals off the street or people are going to start doing their jobs for them.

      Twenty-four arrests and convictions! If the Criminal Justice System worked, this man would still be alive – because he would still likely be in prison.

  13. It appears this occurred in the Black community,thus if arrested he will be tried and heard with a black jury.You listened to some of the Black bystanders comments.he will not be convicted.

  14. without the babies in the Car,this would have been the perfect sting for the Auto theft detail.Running Car out side a Pizza parlor,too good for a thief to pass up.

    1. It’s the mob that has the least claim on beating the guy that should have the most to fear from the law.

  15. The father caught up with the carjacker then, AFTER the thief took off, the dad left the kids (who were safe) alone in the car AGAIN and went after the carjacker. Derfinitely a shorage of IQ points in the hood.

  16. I may be in the minority here, but even though this fifty-four year old man may be a dirt bag with a wrap sheet he would not be dead right now had the mother used common sense and not left the car running and unlocked. The one lady interviewed did say that leaving a car running in that neighborhood would undoubtedly result in someone jumping in the car and taking off. This could have happened to a foolish teenager. I don’t blame the father for what he did because any good father would react in the same way. This is a tragedy.

    1. it’s called a “rap sheet”, not a wrap sheet…too many people with a 5th grade education posting garbage these days

    2. I used to live in Alaska. When it is fifty to sixty below zero, most Alaskans leave their cars running with the key in the ignition when stopping for quick errands. But the car is also locked. The solution is carrying two sets of keys.

  17. The woman should have never left her kids in the car. That was her first mistake. NEVER leave kids in the car alone for any reason.

    1. With the car seats that each child must be strapped into, it takes forever to unstrap each kid and drag them into the store for a couple minute say hi to the hubby. The problem is not that you can’t leave the kids in the car for a minute, the problem is that society has degraded to the point where you can’t trust that somebody won’t try to steal your car with your kids inside if they leave it for a moment. That is a huge loss of freedom in our society today.

      1. Give a five year old a .357? That’s ridiculous! I’d start him out with a .22.

  18. Nothing makes me happier than dead Philly trash. Philly’s D.A., Larry Krasner, is a filthy SJW supreme. If the father was white, he’d be f*cked. Since the father is black, he’ll probably get a slap on the wrist at worst.

    That’s said, mom and dad are typical Philly stupid. Leaving your car running in Overbrook is basically telling everyone that you don’t want your car anymore. With kids? Same thing but you don’t want the kids either. Wouldn’t go anywhere in West Philadelphia without my pistol and a spare mag.

    1. Can you carry there? I don’t get to PA much anymore, I’m not sure if they honor Iowa.

      1. You’re good.
        PA is actually a good state for CC. Philly tried to outlaw standard capacity AR mags as well as other gun control stuff. PA told them they don’t have the authority to. Tons of hunters and gun enthusiasts in Central PA which keeps the state from going full retard. The only thing that sucks is in Philly to apply you have to go to the hood, unarmed, to apply and pick up.

          1. Thanks for the link. I’ve never found as good of info, or as simple as this I should say.

            1. YW, it’s the easiest one to use and they keep it up to date. I donate once in a while.

  19. While I have no problem with the dad protecting his kids the mom should not have left their children in the car with apparently leaving the keys in the ignition , that’s just crazy.

    1. It’s really stupid. There has been a rash of car thefts in the Quad Cities because people leave them running.

  20. I think the dad is probably going to be charged with murder. On one hand I say the guy deserved it, but in reality there was no legal reasoning for him to kill the guy. “Legal” being the key word. I totally understand why he did it but it may cost him seeing his kids grow up.

    Maybe he’ll get lucky and he won’t be charged. If he’s charged then maybe he’ll get lucky and a jury won’t convict him. This is really sad.

    1. Murder is going to be hard to prove in this scenario since there are multiple people beating up on the thief. The car is his property with the car thief being a likely danger to his children in the car.

      1. Lol, I thought of the mob beating after I commented. It does complicate things unless they can see who landed what punches.

        I’m hoping they don’t charge him.

        1. I don’t think the father will be charged due to the Castle Doctrine in the PA’s Stand Your Ground Law, but the other people that participated in the beating should be charged.

          1. Yeah, the officer kind of hinted that there will be trouble if they don’t turn themselves in.

    2. I’m not so sure. They would have to charge everyone involved with murder. If a person dies during the commission of a crime, all participants will be charged.

      1. To be honest I have no idea how they go about such things. They do have some video in this case so that may play a role.

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