Dad chases down man stealing car with his kids inside, catches him, beats him to DEATH, caught on video

This is amazing. A car thief and would-be kidnapper in Philadelphia is dead this week, after messing with the wrong dang dad.

NBC in Philly reported on the story Friday. So a 25-year-old mom had stopped her car and hopped out, outside a pizza joint. She had three young ones in the car. Then this thief, who police identified as Eric Hood, a 54-year-old scumbag, jumped in and took off with the car.

That’s with the kids still in it. Three of them, aged 7 months to 5 years.

The dad, who worked at the pizza place, took off after the car on foot. And he caught it. Here’s more, from NBC10.

The kids’ father then pulled him out of the car and beat Hood as other bystanders in the area joined the attack, according to investigators.

Medics responded to the scene and found the car thief unconscious with severe injuries to the head and face. Hood was taken to Temple University Hospital and pronounced dead shortly after 10 p.m.

The kids were safe and unharmed, and although the dad was taken into custody, he has not been charged. The piece of garbage didn’t fare quite so well, obviously.

The beating was caught on video and shared to Instagram, by the way. NBC10 has some (not too graphic) clips.

So yeah, tough break. Maybe don’t steal a car full of babies and toddlers, next time.

Oh right, there won’t be a next time.

The kicker? According to police, NBC reports, Hood had “at least 24 prior arrests and convictions.”


Maybe just give the dad a medal and move on.

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