Daily Caller’s exclusive of Obama’s “race speech”

I haven’t been able to watch this yet as I’m listening to Hannity as we speak, but I wanted to go ahead and get the speech to you:

You can read about this at the Daily Caller.

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122 thoughts on “Daily Caller’s exclusive of Obama’s “race speech”

  1. First he rhapsodizes about a baby miraculously surviving a gunshot wound – a senseless but deliberate act of violence from one of his worthless “sons”, and saved by a man who gave enough of a [email protected] to get off his @$$ and go to medical school – then in a breathtaking inversion of reality, claims that “da commun-a-tee” is still suffering from a bullet that no-one bothered to remove. Do we need a clearer declaration of the liberal disconnect from reality? Society (i.e. raciss whites) is to blame for the riots, to blame for the violence, and never EVER is anyone else to blame. No personal responsibility whatsoever will be tolerated.

  2. He is either high or drunk. Possibly both. When Hannity does the split screen it’s really obvious. Hard to believe this imposter is running the show.

  3. His talking points at 7-10 minutes about the LA riots are exactly the same as what he’s said about the Middle East riots!!!

    Despair leads to violence. It’s been building up and then set off by an event. It’s understandable, but it doesn’t excuse your behavior.

    Rioters vs Terrorists! OMG, he doesn’t know the difference.

  4. Meh. It’s a politician looking more and more like he’s a bad politician. Methinks most of us knew he was bad before he started, so I’m not sure this proves much, other than the fact he’s a bigger phony than we knew. I can’t see this changing a lot of folks minds, though. He’s already wrap up the Loon Vote, as well as the dullard constituency, so November can’t come soon enough for me.

  5. He is a robot.

    With a flip of a switch he becomes ethnic then he becomes main stream.

    We all must pray that God saves America. We cannot depend on the people.

  6. Somebody needs to tell Obama that blacks make up only 12% of the population, and that he had 98% of them at hello…

  7. I couldn’t put my finger on why so many people are reporting through the blogosphere that there are no Obama signs in their neighborhoods, especially people who live in liberal areas (like I do), but take heart people. I think I figured it out. That deafening silence in our neighborhoods — the lack of Obama signs, no one talking politics in public at church or schools or work like they did when they were all on fire for Obama — that’s the sound of people who have already written Obama off — and cannot bring themselves to say they’re going to vote for the other guy.

    It’s like what happens at the end of a home football game when the crowd realizes their team is not going to win… silence, as it dawns on them, it’s over.

    1. not to mention they’re polling people with land lines whose only source of news is Brian Williams, because they’re still watching tv’s with rabbit ears…

    2. Interesting. I, too, have noticed the dearth of political signs for EITHER candidate in my neighborhood. A lot of Republicans around here, myself included, but no one seems to be saying much about either of them. I live in a neighborhood just a couple miles from Romney’s birthplace. I did donate to Romney’s campaign for a bumper sticker but never got it. His website is not so great.

  8. I was at Fox Nation on a thread with this topic. The trolls own the thread the regulars like me seam to have left. The thebertmanlives crew are cloning and stealing names.

  9. Unsurprising. Disgustingly unsurprising.

    The press always goes out of its way to avoid spelling in dialect when Obama speaks.

    You’ll notice they don’t write things he says, like “bebeh” for “baby.” And neither would I. It’s a common courtesy typically extended by reporters to almost anyone who speaks in public. Same, too with the casual interruptions in speech or interjections clearly not intended as speech (for example, every single “uh,” “err,” and “um,” ever uttered by Obama). You’ll notice if he says, “A-ight,” it gets spelled as “all right.”

    But whenever Sara Palin speaks, they go out of their way to make sure they type out every inflection and dropped ‘g’ so they can pretend that it means she’s stupid. Every interrupted sentence fragment (as in a conversation) gets transcribed exactly, as if she were in fact too stupid to complete a sentence. She ends up in print like a character from Huck Finn.

    This explains why they hid this video from us. The media cannot be trusted.

  10. I didn’t watch the full 40 minutes, just the first couple clips in Daily Caller’s article. What struck me is how cold Obama was at throwing his pastor under the bus. I can see why Jeremiah Wright was offended.

    The other thing that stood out is the contrast between Obama expressing his faith in Jesus Christ in these clips and the statements he has made about not slandering the prophet and that we will never be at war with islam. I wish someone would do a youtube showing those differences.

    There is an absolute stark difference in character between Mitt Romney and Obama.
    I look forward to the debate.

  11. I will be so glad when this POS is gone. I am so sick and tired of everything being about race. I don’t view things that way because we are all Americans and we should all have the same requirements and the same general opportunities. No laws should favor one race over another and jobs should not be given to people to meet racial quotas. Businesses should not be required to contract work out to minority businesses regardless of ability or competence.

    That said, I am also sick of the left blaming us for things they do. He mentioned Bush’s incompetence after Hurricane Katrina, and that lie has been accepted by the general public. Bush could not move in to the state until Blanco requested him to. He tried to get her to send in the request, and she said no. Who was that jerk that refused to bus people out because he wasn’t going to use yellow school busses, and he wanted Greyhounds? Point is, Bush was ready and Blanco gave him the finger initially. When everything went to he!!, the left started blaming Bush. They didn’t even have an evacuation plan.

    There’s one reason the blame easily gets shifted to Republicans. A liberal media that buries the truth and points the finger at Republicans every single time without fail. Just like they will blame Republicans for the jobs, because they refused to sign Obama’s jobs bill. Never mind that the jobs bill was just a slush fund for liberal front groups. MSM, tell the truth!!

  12. I hear his “black” accent in this video. I can’t listen to him longer than a half minute. He’s a fake, a fraud and a phony. I pray tonight and I hope others will join me, that Romney will finally get through to voters who do not see obama yet for who he really is during the debate. At least nail him on his policy failures!

    1. Ah, I was wondering if it was just my imagination that Obama was pooring on the fake voice. Hillary did it, too. The lengths they go to get people’s votes.

    2. I don’t know if I can watch the debates or not since I can’t stand to listen to him and have barely glanced his way during the past four years. Fake, phony to the core.

      1. Holy cow dung. Another radical? I knew Holder was a political hack, but fits right in with Obama and Ayers. Our leaders are a bunch of radical nut jobs.

        I don’t know how you found the story but it was a good find on your part.

    1. Because they were white? Um, no…that’s not it. Because they were wearing boy scout uniforms? Oh, wait….no. They had billy clubs. Oh, I got it! Because they were politely greeting voters with candy and a smile? Crap, that’s not it, either.

      I give up. Why did Holder drop the case?

      Lol, in all seriousness it was a blatant move on his part that shows how political and race oriented he has made his job.

  13. Hell, I don’t know. Video won’t even work for me. Just a black rectangle. Maybe it’s better that way.

    1. You didn’t miss much. As a matter of fact, I wish I didn’t watch the 8 minutes that I did. Just think of your current opinion of Obama and it will describe him in this video. A race baiting POS.

  14. I could only make it to the 15 min mark, but have seen the other clips. No new info for me, just confirmed, in his own words what we already knew.

    What I found REALLY creepy was the start of his speech. I’ll have to paraphrase, but will be pretty close. He basically said around the 2:min mark: I’m so grateful to be here today, I generally avoid speaking at ministers conferences because you have too many that make politicians look pale and uninspiring…….

    Does that explain the narcisist in chief’s phony cadence and the blatant racism? He had to even upstage the ministers there! Guess he was competing with who could ratchet up the hatred the best.

    Rodney King – vs. Martin Luther King. Hum…. guess Rodney ratches up more hate.

    Not only does O scare the crap out of me with what he has done to our country, but he really creeps me out.

    1. Lol, no way. The video restarted and when you mentioned the portion of the speech at the 2 minute mark the video coincidentally was at he exact same point. What are the odds?

      Obama creeps you out because he’s a creep. 🙂

  15. Obama’s Latest Travesties

    Thanks to his mainstream media’s cover-ups and minimization of his countless gaffes, his intentional wrecking of the economy, and his monumental domestic and foreign policy failures, many Americans are oblivious or have become inured to the president’s ineptitude and outright lies, none of which ignorance changes the reality of who and what Barack Hussein Obama is and what he has done to America.

    From the abomination of Obamacare to broken pledges to radical positions on abortion and same-sex marriage to creating a national, racial cauldron to alienating our allies to kowtowing to the Muslim world to directing the most secretive and divisive administration since Richard Nixon’s, Obama has re-defined presidential failure and presidential malevolence.

    Bar none, the election of Barack Hussein Obama four years ago stands out as the greatest travesty in the history of our great republic.

    Not even the Civil War with its estimated 623,000 casualties or the terrible carnage of World War Two compare to what has happened to the United States beginning on January 20th, 2009. We recovered from those conflicts but may never recover from the effects of having an extreme, socialistic president committed to destroying our country and our values.

    It is also becoming clearer by the day that Obama’s re-election will seal our fate as a nation which was once a shining light for the world that devolved into a second-rate power.

    Just consider the events of the last three weeks:

    1. By all accounts, America’s commander-in-chief virtually authorized the assassination of an American ambassador.

    Apprised of threats to Chris Stevens’ life at least 24 hours before the Benghazi attack and aware that our Benghazi consulate had requested more security after 13 previous attacks and threats, neither Obama nor Secretary of State Clinton did anything to warn Stevens of another imminent attack. They both chose instead to blame a terrorist murder on an inconsequential movie.

    Even after White House Press Secretary Jay Carney admitted it was an “evident” act of terrorism, the president addressed the U.N. and attributed the assault to the lame movie no one had seen;

    2. The “Fast and Furious” operation, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives gun-running scheme overseen by Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder which gave thousands of deadly weapons to Mexican drug cartels has been in the news for years and resulted in the murder of border patrol agent, Brian Terry.

    Now, Spanish language Univision has gone where the Obama-Holder Justice Department has refused to go by investigating how extensive the deaths resulting from the botched “Fast and Furious” debacle actually were and airing a detailed video as indisputable proof. . .

    (Read more at http://www.genelalor.com/blog1/?p=28262.)

  16. Assume for a minute that the right had released a video that miscaricterized Obama’s Amos & Andy accent. Now watch the one and only Obama utilize himself. RACIST

  17. Sorry. can’t stand to listen to this POS. I’ll just listen to Rush and crew tomorrow for the rest of the story. I’m out.

  18. Now I’m 6.5 min. through this comedy and O says it’s a miracle this baby survived the murderous intentions of a gunman. Hey Barak, what would you call it if a baby survives the murderous intentions of its own mother and the abortion doctor? What the f*** is the difference?!!! Loss for words here!

  19. I Listened to the whole thing. I didn’t really learn anything new, from my point of view, since I wasn’t a fan of his before this and didn’t vote for him the first time, but it does drive two points home. The MSM has and is in the tank for Obama. The second point is, that he pushes and has pushed for more government programs, that we as taxpayers can’t afford. At some point the money will run out, we can not buy (print) our way out of this mess.

    1. Liberals tell me that printing money has no effect and the debt doesn’t mean anything. Yeah, that’s how dumb many of them are.

      1. My few liberal friends (I live in Kern county out in California) more right leaning views out here, but what I find funny when they talk about the debt, they think it will magically go away. So agreed they’re dumb.

        1. One guy told me they can just print more money, so what’s the big deal? I just told him it’s a big deal because his dollar will be worth 50 cents in the very near future. He didn’t really understand what I meant.

            1. Right, and these are the people Obama is fooling into supporting him. The guy just as well eat his own leg off.

  20. I have just watched exactly one minute of this speech, and what is obvious to me, is the attempt to sound “authentic”. Lets just see what else i can detect.

    1. What really pi**es me off is how people buy it and let him get away with it. How can you listen to him talk every day then all of a sudden he changes his accent or lingo and you not think he’s a fraud and an idiot? (not you, but you know what I mean).

  21. I wonder why this crap video did not surface during the 2008 campaign. What a POS and a disgrace to the presidency.

    1. It did. The media only put out a 10 minute clip of it and the news outlets received the written text of the prepared speech only, leaving out the parts where he went off script, according to Tucker Carlson. Carlson said those were the most damaging parts.

  22. The article at DC is very interesting. When Obama went off script and states it plainly, one wonders when he saw a lack of media scrutiny that his desire to be president would easily become reality.

    The slanderous language, the out right fabrication of lies of a sitting senator should have been a huge red flag. Yet, Clinton did not have this.

    I think that the best ad for this is to contrast his shout out to his pastor and his remarks throwing him under the bus. That would be a most excellent demonstration of a walking contradiction.

  23. Watched most of it; all I could tolerate. Nothing surprised me, even the racism; however, the accent was a poor choice because it made him sound like a thug. Most I ever heard him mention God which showed me he will even use the Lord for political purposes.

  24. I have a question, to all the people in the church- are they better off now than they were 4 years ago? I wish I could ask them, and get them to answer honestly.

  25. And I have to say this. It will be jolly fun to listen to Beck and Stu and Pat go [email protected] crazy over the video! But brother, wait till Rush gets a hold of it! We could be seeing the pregame to the greatest Super Bowl game in years? I got to remember to buy a bottle of the good stuff for tomorrow night!

  26. this is the black … Barry …. 🙂 get it 🙂 Blackberry …. ha ha … as opposed to the white Barry … how condescending …. come on black people wake up !!!!

  27. Using 9/11 to make a racial point is pretty low even for the one….but at this point I am waiting for the morning after the election.

  28. Funny thing – conservatives already know this, and Obama voters don’t want to believe this! Sad times when the 2008 vetting takes place in 2012!

    1. My thoughts exactly, chicks. Hannity has been driving most of this home for years and no one cared but those that weren’t voting for him anyway. This confirmation of racism in our dear leader is great but mostly it will just be headlines in conservative circles. Unfortunately these “new” facts will get us off message on points that may make a real difference at this late date, IMHO.

  29. Alinsky’s community organizers were really community agitators. It’s all part of the plan. I even think Rev. Wright was fine with being thrown under the bus publically if it meant Obama could be elected President…whatever it took. The pathetic part is how black people do not understand that they are being used. They will not understand the significance of this video, but hopefully the undecideds do.

  30. WTF????
    Nothing he said he would fight for in this speech has he even mentioned while he has been President. He has cared more about his contributors, and for example, Solendra, than he has for the everyday American. Oh boo hoo, someone is on the verge of bankruptcy. Obama, over the last 4 years of you being our President there are alot more on the verge of Bankruptcy and many who have already lost everything because of YOUR POLITICS!!!!!!!
    He is such a POS.
    Oh yeah, we have to end poverty. He does not care about anyone who is poor. Look who he hangs with. JZ and whats her name.
    Come on. Do you actually think anyone believes this [email protected]##.
    I cannot stand such lying hypocritical crap. Listen to his tone. It is a team who took that bullet out of the baba, we won’t forget. Well, Obama, you forgot about the American people the second you stepped foot in our White House. You are such a scumbag.

  31. I sort of feel like Rev. Wright when Obama threw him under the bus. When he said there’s not a blue America or a Red America there’s only the United States of America-Well, he then throws the American people under the bus when he capitulated to Muslims arresting an American citizen who created a film and exercised his free speech. He praised Rev. Wright and then threw him under the bus. Obama is a deceptive petulant incompetent little child who has never matured from his Marxist ideology and who continues to lie and deceive the American people.

    1. He threw Hosni Mubarak in Egypt under the bus too. He has no problems throwing friends and allies under the bus if it suits him. It’s a wonder he has any real friends in his personal life.

  32. Since I dont have cable here at my job, Scoop please post the interview Allen West is going to have at Greta’s show at fox Please

  33. I can’t stand listening to Obama but I forced myself to watch the entire video.

    Nothing new, as I already knew he was a racist who set out from the very beginning to transform this great nation. It’s sickening how he evokes God into his evil plan.

    It will be interesting to see how the LSM spins this one! I’m sure they will continue to do everything possible to protect the Racist-Liar-in-Chief.

    God help us and God Bless America!

      1. No surprise there, we knew that would happen………hopefully smarter folks will know differently…

  34. The man talked crap to the “black folk”….he led them to believe that he would do something for them….Has he? I don’t think so. Hopefully they’ll see how full of crap he is.

    And at the risk of sound like a bit$h….I see many people on here saying that they can’t stomach watching him, neither can I….but I do it. That’s the only way to know what the idiot is up to….when he speaks, I listen…

  35. Yes, I believe we all just got the real version of who he is! What he was really ‘trained’ in as far as Marxism. Most of us knew it. But it can be dramatically surreal when you see in this context.

    But I have to comment on the side by side comparison Hannity did with the Philadelphia speech. When he is talking about denouncing Wright, you do catch glimmers of him starting to do the cadence? Especially when he starts with the background for Wright. It’s as if he ‘automatically’ goes to it? I think he sat long enough in that church to pick up the nuances needed to talk with them in the community in Chicago. I wonder if there is any audio of him when he was younger to see if the cadence was there back then? That is my opinion as far as this bombshell issue is concerned! Not many blacks were in Hawaii? And so he wouldn’t necessarily have this cadence? I think it would have been more of a beach/valley dude kind of accent?

    Mainly, we ALL know that this puts a lot more clarity on the fact that he is a fraud!

  36. And to think, that poor woman was not only punished with a baby but the baby had a scar on her arm to boot. I was sure he was going to say that if the baby was born alive they should deny it care.

  37. Hannity had Obama 2008 vs Obama 2007….to me it is SO REVEALING and it shows the OBAMA UNPLUGGED and the true RACIST HE IS!! I thought that those 20 years he sat there he never heard the Reverend Jeremian Wright act that way…BUT BEHOLD OBAMA UNPLUGGED 2007….PRAISING the Rev Jeremiah Wright and all those RACIST remarks….This is very bad for Obama indeed. The hypocrisy of his 2008 speech distancing himself is EXPOSED!! May the real 2007 Obama STAND UP!! He is the RACIST IN CHIEF!! This will undercut Obama big time….Wonderful that Drudge has that up…his site is one of the most HIT in the world!! Hannity put it to life and the Daily Caller will have the FULL SPEECH!!

    Here is your UNITER AMERICA!! The biggest bigot around!

  38. What kind of genius basis an entire speech on saving one child, when being prochoice slaughters countless ones?

  39. geez, that’s it? Of all the truly important scandals and issues with this administration, and we get sidetracked by this bit of nonsense? This is just standard stuff from BO. Why do I feel like I’ve been punked by Drudge again?

  40. We’re going to usher in a new America the way that newborn child was ushered in,” Obama said near the end of his speech, going back to the baby who was shot in the womb.

    -borrowed from The Blaze

    This from the same guy that voted numerous to let babies born alive die after a botched abortion. This guy couldn’t give two sh!ts about kids, but here he is exploiting that same baby he whose execution he would not only have allowed, but demanded, to create racial animus and further his political career.

    1. I think the underlying message is how this “new” America must be born with violence against the innocent.

  41. With his fake accent and vernacular is really condescending and insulting. It really is making my skin crawl and I don’t understand why everyone should not feel betrayed by what a fraud he is. Actually makes me sad that so many young African American friends of my daughters believed in him back in 08. And for all his race baiting about the deplorable conditions in black urban neighborhoods what has he done since he has been in office? His “hometown” in Chicago kids are literally murdering each other everyday. And think what he could have done to make a difference as President in these neighborhoods as an inspiring figure in their lives. So sad what a waste. He is just using the African American community. I can’t think of one time he has been to Compton, Detroit, Chicago etc since he has been President? If you don’t have money for him he doesn’t have the time.

  42. Well, we see why Obama has over 90% of the black vote. Its the other 10% that are free thinkers.
    ….AND I salute them.

  43. Yep, I lasted to 3:02 and had to quit. Right after he gave his shout out to Jeremiah Right, his main man, his mentor, his shoulder.
    I sure love how Obama starts speaking Ebonics when he speaks in front of a black crowd. That in of itself is racist. To speak one way to a black crowd then another to the rest of the country.
    To bad Biden did not take he advanced ebonics class like Obama did when he decided to tell us that he Guesses he wanna put us alllllll in chains…

  44. Those who fought for MLK’s dream should reject a person so divisive … But they won’t because he has hoodwinked them into buying a twisted version of that dream.

  45. Is damaging? Well, I guess so, but I don’t think it will make much of a difference. People who thought Obama was a racist in 2008 will still think he’s a racist, and people who support him will just ignore this. I still think the real, big, scandal is Libya. I don’t think Obama will go down because of Libya, but Romney will be able to hurt Obama real bad on foreign policy during the debates because of it. Which is a good thing. It’s Hillary Clinton who is going to have A LOT of explaining to do before Congress when she tries to explain why the ambassador in Libya was turned down for help when he thought there was a severe security danger to him and his consulate. But as far as this new video is concerned, the mainstream media will just bury it. Libya they can’t ignore for long, not with four dead people involved.

  46. Any News Source that wants to have the First Amendment Rights of “Free Speech” ,, are they reporting News or ,, What ??

  47. What a beautiful example of how he uses people…Black teens with the highest unemployment in the country..he really cares…All he deserves is an Academy Award..for saying whatever he thinks people want to hear..what will he be like when he’s not running anymore..??

  48. First thing I noticed is how obama changed the cadence of his speech to obviously sound more “black.” Shows what a phony he really is!!!!! A phony and a hollow man!!!! How can anyone trust that gomer?????????

    1. Right on Army_Pilot1967, one minute he is articulatin’ and the next he is articulating. He truly is a disgusting demagogue. He cannot even be convincing in his attempt at being “black.”

    2. This video shows the real Obama. No wonder he needs a teleprompter…he is nothing but a jive talkin’ fool just like his racist phony pastor.

    3. Unfortunately, there are enough Dhimmiwits who still do trust this fraud… witlessly edifying what Ron White continually and so simply states: … you can’t fix stupid!

    1. Me neither, I will not summit myself to torture, Lets see how they try to spin this.

    2. Same here. I always turn the channel when one of his lying commercials comes on. If I don’t, my kids will hear a string of profanities which they should never hear. ; )

    1. At the beginning, he seems to be just a little bit high, or stoned.

      A great pandering chameleon. An act that is specifically written for this particular audience.
      Where was this video hiding? Why now? Did team Obama have something to do with the release of this video?
      One of his finest performances to fool the masses into believing that Obama is a Christian to combat what the growing numbers of people that believe he is an Islamist and is about to succeed in replacing our U.S.A. Constitution with Shariah Law

      Now, I’m going to read what the DC has to say about it.

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