“Damning indictment’: Biden is getting ruined in opinion polls and Ron Klain tries to say it’s GOOD

There’s spin-doctoring and then there’s spin miracle working, which is what Ron Klain is attempting to do on Sunday, laying hands on the absolute turd that is public opinion of Joe Biden.

Biden is not popular. He is not liked. People do not have faith in him. He is a disaster. And they are pessimistic about everything else in the country while he’s in the Oval Office. Look at this.

Images are enlarged below the tweet embed.

That CBS YouGov poll is even worse than you think, but both CBS News and Democrats on Twitter are trying to pass it off as a win for Joe.

How can that be? Look at this chart.

Here’s Ron Klain’s reaction.


It’s “moving up! That’s some Iraqi Information Minister work right there. Half of Americans think he’s doing a bad job on coronavirus. SIXTY-EIGHT PERCENT are pessimistic about the economy and SEVENTY-SEVEN percent about prices and inflation.

You hate to ruin the narrative, Ron? You ARE the narrative, and it says people REJECT you.

Unbelievable. Don’t you have gas prices to raise instead of wasting time on Twitter, bud?

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