DAMNING proof of biased media using COVID reporting as POLITICAL weapon against states that vote ‘wrong’

“Many of you probably did not know the dire situation in…”

They’ve been giving the worst Covid governor a pass for months, and he’s even getting an Emmy for his pressers full of excuses and lies (and book deal besides.)

But just how biased ARE the media in their Covid reporting? You could point at CNN running death tolls on screen for months – including during the entire RNC (but not DNC) – putting the grim numbers on screen every day until they declared Biden a winner. Or you could point out the hundreds of reports that start with the word “maskless” when it’s about a Republican in public but making excuses for Pelosi and the rest when they’re caught over and over doing rules for thee but not for me guideline violations.

But let’s make it easier and use a tale of two states.

“Last week, Illinois reported 15,415 cases in a single day, more than Florida ever did in a single day. This is despite Illinois’ population being 40% lower,” reads the first tweet from Youyang Gu. “Many of you probably did not know the dire situation in Illinois. That’s because no mainstream media chose to report it.”

That’s right.

Read his thread showing how the difference between the 5 ALARM RED FLASHING LIGHT coverage of a southern state vs. a favored (Democrat) state.

There’s nothing beneath the press. Especially not playing dirty pandemic politics.

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