Dan Bongino Dismantles Leslie Marshall’s Insipid Arguments On Refugees, Sharia, Security, Terror Like a BOSS

On the Sean Hannity Radio Show on Wednesday, author and former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino face off with liberal radio host Leslie Marshall over the refugee crisis. As one would expect, Bongino cleaned up, leaving no stone unturned in his absolute fisking of Marshall’s position on refugees, and in the process pretty much destroyed the standard liberal claptrap on everything from treatment of women under Sharia law to the basic understanding of foreign policy, government procedure, and everything else.

This was, in short, a complete and total obliteration of absolutely moronic talking points. It is long and worth every glorious second.

There are too many great points to pick a favorite, but if you twisted my arm, I would say that very near the top of the list was how neither Dan nor Sean let Leslie get away with her opening salvo, a total refusal to admit the simple fact that Sharia law does not afford women the rights they are afforded here in the United States. This is something the left has quite a common problem admitting.

Another highlight? Dan explaining how these background checks actually work. His explanation gets into the nitty gritty, but in summary, it is something that is abundantly obvious once it is pointed out to you. Tracking the lives of people to figure out if they are a threat is no small feat.

And it made me think of something I should have thought of earlier. Liberals today have been patting themselves on the back for how clever and tolerant they are about the whole “letting in Christians” thing. One of the chief arguments is that we’re all idiots if we think it’s easy to prove you’re a Christian.

Well then why, liberals? Why is it that you think it is so easy to determine if someone is a security threat? Can you explain that, Daily Banter? Why is it SO STUPID to think a person could prove their religious faith, but TOTALLY EASY to prove they’re not a security threat?

I encourage everyone reading this to go ask a liberal that very question. And while you’re at it, thank Dan Bongino. This interview was fantastic work.

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