Dan Crenshaw just dropped a truth bomb on Elizabeth Warren….LIKE A BOSS

In an effort to look like she’s on the cutting edge of Climate Change for the left and to get that coveted AOC endorsement , Big Chief Elizabeth Warren just tweeted out something absurd.

She writes “I’m proud to have signed the #NoFossilFuelMoney pledge. Our campaign isn’t beholden to Big Oil or any corporate interest—our campaign is by the people and for the people.”

Rep. Dan Crenshaw from Texas saw her tweet and dropped a truth bomb on it.

He writes: “Is that so? But I’m assuming your campaign is happy to drive cars, travel in airplanes, use electricity and air conditioning, or use ANYTHING plastic? You know, all those fossil fuel and petrochemical industry products? Stop trying to fool people with virtue signaling.”

Boom! Crenshaw cuts right through the crap and gets to the heart of it. Virtue signaling is all this is because in reality these politicians could never live in the Climate Change fantasy world they are proposing.

They are just doing what the left loves to do, which is to manufacture a crisis and depend on all the useless idiots to buy into they hype so they can exploit it for votes and power.

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