Dan Crenshaw OBLITERATES Ben Rhodes on Iran

YES FINALLY!! Every time I see this idiot Ben Rhodes on cable news television I tell whoever is in the room about how he can’t be trusted because he literally admitted to lying to the media in order to get the Iran Deal passed.

And FINALLY someone else did it, someone with slightly more pull than a sooper-blogger:

BOOM! Pretty ironic after these idiots complain that Trump isn’t giving enough credence to the intelligence community on Russia.

Here’s what Rhodes was lying about, oops, sorry, I meant, commenting about:

Soooooo if he’s implying Iran didn’t do it, who did? I’ve been watching the cable news networks come awfully close to screaming “false flag!!” on this one.

Crenshaw continues:

There you go. Yes, there is clearly an escalation of hostilities with Iran, but you’d have to completely ignore everything the intelligence community is saying about their role in the escalation. So which is it? Is the intel community to be trusted or not?

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