Dan Crenshaw wants you to think about something…

Dan Crenshaw tweeted this today, after the news came out that Texas Democrats were super-spreading COVID from Nancy Pelosi’s office to the White House:

Imagine if 50 GOP state reps skipped work, drank beer on a private jet while ignoring federal mask mandates, held a press conference to spread flagrant lies that’ve been debunked, and then infected the Speaker’s Office and White House with COVID. Just imagine.

It’s the very same double standard that exposes the media and the left which we always talk about. It would be the scandal of scandals if Republicans had done this and were super-spreading COVID. The calls for recall elections and the calls to resign would be all over the media, with righteous indignation being spewed everywhere. But these Texas Democrats get a pass for infecting a Pelosi and White House aide.

Texas Democrats are still holding press conferences, and it appears that not many brave souls are showing up. And if they do show up, they are definitely keeping their distance:

Here’s something funny that I saw from Crenshaw’s timeline I’ll throw in the mix here:

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