Dana Loesch: ‘If You Wait Until It Goes To The Ballot, You’re Too Late’

This morning on Fox and Friends, guest Dana Loesch was on to talk about her new book, and of course, the news of the day. As part of the discussion about the midterms, Dana was asked about Mark Steyn’s commentary on Monday regarding the culture war. Dana’s answers touched on something that has been covered before here at Right Scoop: Getting into the thick of it.

Mark Steyn rightly points out that if you cede the ground to the left, then left becomes the default position. This is a critical point. What you are doing when you give up the popular culture to the left is creating an atmosphere that says “this is what normal is, everything else is a deviation from the normal.” You’re defining yourself into deviancy.

Dana hammers that point home. The ballot box is too late to try and make a sea change or shift in what is considered the “new normal.” You’ve already lost, she says, if you wait until the vote.

There has been no small amount of pushback against this idea, both in the blogs and social media in general, and in the comments at The Right Scoop in particular. It is a natural thing for many conservatives to say “to heck with it,” and give up. They don’t WANT to know about popular culture. But fighting for it doesn’t mean being OF it. You don’t have to know Lil’ Wayne lyrics to fight the culture war. But you do absolutely need to know the medium by which they are shared.

No doubt there will still be resistance to the idea of trying to swim in the pop culture to change its currents, but one thing is absolutely certain: if you tell young people and workaday Americans that conservatives want nothing to do with the culture, the culture will absolutely reciprocate. That is not a strategy for victory.

Dana’s new book “Hands Off My Gun: Defeating The Plot To Disarm America” is available starting today. You can get your copy here!

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