Dana Loesch interviews Hot Dog vender after unions thugs destroyed his equipment yesterday

clinttarver_cleanup Hot Dog vender Clint Tarver normally has the top spot in Lansing, Michigan, across from the Capitol building selling hot dogs for his livelihood. But yesterday he was under the big white tent serving up hot dogs for Americans for Prosperity, that is until union thugs collapsed the tent and then trampled on everything under the tent, destroying both the tent and the contents inside the tent. Not only that, but when he came back later to clean up the destruction (pictured above) he was repeatedly insulted by union members telling him he was on the wrong side and calling him “nigger” and “uncle Tom”.

Clint Tarver is one of the nicest men you’ll ever meet, by all accounts, and wasn’t there in a political fashion whatsoever. He was just there to do what he always does – serve hot dogs. And now his entire livelihood is destroyed. He didn’t deserve any of this!

Dana Loesch interviewed Clint Tarver today about what exactly happened yesterday:

Someone started a “I Support Clint” funding page to gather donations for Clint to repurchase that which was lost. Donations have been pouring in today and it’s now over $16,100. DONATE!

If you want to know more about Clint, here’s a short video of his story as a hot dog vender:

(h/t: Ironic Surrealism, Dana Radio)

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