David Hogg takes aim at the NRA and shoots himself in the foot instead… [again]

David Hogg would love to be the posterboy for kid fascists who “changed the world,” but he’s increasingly becoming an embarrassing caricature of ignorant inexperienced child social justice warriors.

It began when Dana Loesch opened a can of “STFU” on Jimmy Kimmel’s wife:

The little pendejo jumped in to try to “own” Loesch, and just showed his ignorance about non-profit organizations.

Like, seriously? What kind of dumbass doesn’t know that whether the head of a company is paid or not has absolutely ZERO to do with whether they are non-profit or not?

Here’s your answer – Hogg is exactly that kind of dumbass, because he’s young, stupid, and inexperienced in these matters.

The internet happily obliterated the wannabe-gun-grabber:

This is exactly why no one should listen to children ever. Children are not teachers, and it annoys the crap out of me when I hear such trite BS coming out of adults who should know better. Children are ignorant and stupid, that’s why we literally force them to go school. Not only do they not have any knowledge, they have no experience either, and that makes them completely foolish and not worth listening to. In a saner society, all these things are just assumed and understood, and no one needs to explain them. But we have not been a sane society for a while.

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