DEAL! Farm bill keeps Food Stamp spending at QUADRUPLED levels!

The Media says tonight’s Farm Deal ‘cuts’ Food Stamps. It’s a brazen lie but before we get to that just know that the error rate in distributing Food Stamps is 3.4% which means a 1% cut is less than the margin of error…

Anyway, here are the food stamps spending numbers:

Food Stamps spending in Bush’s first budget year (2002) was $18.2 billion. It more than quadrupled to $76 billion by 2013.

Republicans said “Ok Dems, we needed to spend $76 billion a year on Food Stamps because the economy was bad, but now that you say the economy is good, how about we spend the next decade only $72 billion a year on average for SNAP instead of $76 billion a year as planned?”

“No,” said Dems. “That would be a ‘cut’ of about $40 billion over the next decade and it’s unfair.”

“Ok,” the Republicans said tonight. “We will agree to a cut  of $8 billion spread over the next decade. Meaning, we will spend on SNAP about $75.2 billion a year over the next decade instead of $76 a year. Then we will tell our base we stood for principles while you Dems will tell the Country that the GOP just cut food stamps, all while actual Food Stamps spending will still be FIVE TIMES larger than Clinton’s last budget. Then of course you guys will tell us we need to vote for Hillary in 2016 because Bill balanced the budget…”

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